Having difficulty with the Chat feed - Jason is calling widgetlaboratories to speak to the evil genius and hopefully it will be back up soon.

Here was the discussion for today and we would enjoy hearing your feedback about the RecruitingBlogs.com community. Please add to this take away from it but help contribute to describing what the RB.com community is, what you want to contribute to it and what you want from it.

Welcome to RecruitingBlogs.com. We are a global community of people passionate about the art and craft of recruiting. Our currency is trust, respect, inclusiveness, and sharing to ensure our community thrives. We are committed to sharing our wisdom and knowledge to further the craft of recruiting.

Actively participating in our community includes giving as well as receiving – and, the more you give the more you receive. Being intentional when reaching out to people helps to ensure mutual respect permeates our community. Take the time to browse around, observe, listen and then engage. Think about what you want to contribute, where you can add value and what you want to gain from the RecruitingBlogs.com community - there's a lot of value for each of us to gain. Through intentionality and awareness we can foster incredible growth and connectedness.

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(one moment please)
sorry about that susan, seems to act up during active chats. I'll look into it.
See what happens on my b-day? And it happened right after you announced your vacation and my stepping in.


I hope so...
Paul - I can't wait to see what you do with TTC! Think it will be very cool and you'll raise the bar!
I like it.
Read Jason's rant on RB.com here
I came here because:

(a) my respect for Jason and his track record of building cool things
(b) to learn, share, and meet new people.
Susan, I just saw this and thought I might be having browser problems. IE has probs with all the "stuff" that goes on in the framework of Ning networks. I wonder if Firefox or Opera are better? I used to use Firefox and remember that you can tell it to basically not download any ads (thereby saving considerably on download time.)

Hey, let me ask: how do your thought processes on Yoga fit into your community aspect? I'm more a Krav Maga [Bourne Identity] fan for the cardio piece (and you never know when an armed attacker might attack you on an airplane . . . not! . . . although the training is highly functional) . . . but I can tell you that I'm a huge Aikido [Steven Segal] fan as well (which is the exact inverse of Krav Maga as it's non-combative). Aikido taught me a great bit about the biz world and to be honest, is a different way of looking recruiting and life in general (i.e. the yin and yang, transferring energy, etc.) . . . while Krav Maga is more about 'devastatingly' ending a conflict in seconds. I guess both have their place within business thinking (perhaps the yin & yang of strategic thinking.?.)

How about yoga?
I like the site because almost everyone I talk to every day about recruiting and business has a page here on RecruitingBlogs.com. It makes my networking easy and I'm easy to find.

I just want people to respect the time people spend here on the site. I try hard to do it yet there there seems to be an increase in network emails I am sending out.
Thanks Paul - respect is a big thing and something that will be important as the community grows. Jason has a lot of credibility and generates trust. How do we as the community help foster that as well.
I suggest that you sending out email to members letting us know what is going on is a good thing. That means stuff is going on.

Just like us crashing the chat, unfortunate but a good problem to have.
everybody just has to keep doing what they are doing. it works.

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