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Martin Warren is a Principal Consultant at Insidejob, a division of Human Capital Management Solutions (HCMS) and was established in 2005 to assist organisations to improve their direct recruitment function. Insidejob provides research, assesses capability, trains and recruits permanent and contract recruiters for organizations who have Internal Staffing Functions. The company specializes in finding and developing corporate recruiters in Australia, New Zealand and Asia for our corporate clients across many industries (Banking & Finance, Engineering, Mining & Resources etc...) whether they have a small or large team of internal recruiters.

Martin Warren is a Specialist Recruitment & Search with IT, HR, Senior Management, Sales & Marketing and Contact Centre sectors. He provides consulting to Internal and Agency Recruiters in the development and implementation of creative sourcing plans, building capability and delivery. He has assisted recruitment organizations identify recruitment technology requirements and matching to recruiters and business workflow.

Martin has Extensive knowledge with Internet sourcing having been trained by Shally Steckerl’s JobMachine Inc. in using various Search Techniques in finding Resumes & People on the Internet.

Martin will always be fondly remembered as my Most Excellent friend during a Most Excellent Adventure during my visit to Australia for the AustralAsian Talent Conference, 2008. He shall likewise be recommended as Australia's leading sourcing guru committed to contributing knowledge and passion for developing and executing creative sourcing tactics and techniques using various Internet Search Engines, Professional and Social Networks. Martin's tenacious desire to learn and to focus on relationships above simply the bottom line is what makes his thought leadership refreshing and destined for a greatness not only restricted to his native Australia, but on a global level given his consistent efforts to reach out to every corner of the earth to share, to question, and to assist. In all my travels, Martin stands out as someone I look forward to collaborating with for many years to come

Q & A with Martin Warren

Six Degrees: Does your staffing organization “DIRECT SOURCE” from competitor companies to hire talent?

MARTIN:I don’t work directly or within an internal function. We provide consultancy services but from my knowledge of a number companies in Australia who have an internal staffing function generally they don’t direct source they really rely on agencies (3rd party) to do this. I also think there a mind shift starting to happen or at the least companies in Australia are starting are look at this. There is also a minimal number you in some capacity are doing this today.

Six Degrees: How are US and Australia recruitment culture different? How are they similar?

MARTIN: I think in Australia we are not as aggressive or in your face (with respect) as the USA. Also our market is maybe not as competitive but we have similar issues that the USA do such as skills shortage etc… In term of similar, I think we are very open to taking on new ways or idea in how we can recruit, source etc… better and more efficiently and always looking to do it better so we can keep ahead of the game.

Six Degrees: Which recruitment software tools do you use in your day to day recruitment activities & do they translate effectively within all of the different countries where you recruit?

MARTIN:We pretty much use the same tools at the USA such as Taleo. We have some other providers in Australia who offer similar tools such as Taleo. Some of the sourcing tools are now being looked as such as Broadlook tools but generally most organisation are pretty much focuses on the RTS.

Six Degrees: How many applicants do you estimate are hired from your corporate website as compared to how many are hired through referrals?

MARTIN:This really depends on the company and industry sector. For example some of the large mining companies have a very powerful brand and there are massive shortage of skills. They generate a lot of applicants from their corporate website but also make a lot of hires through internal referrals. In general companies in Australia would make as many hires through internal referrals as companies do in the USA but this is a real focus in Australia to significantly increase there hires in this area.

Six Degrees: This question is different, instead of quality, WHERE ARE THE "MOST HIRES" collected from? (In terms of Quantity #)

MARTIN:I would say job boards for your lower level roles and referrals for more specialist roles.

Six Degrees: What is the source of your "LOWEST COST OF HIRES" - (least amount of invested resources for the easiest hires, regardless of quality)

MARTIN: Probably the general job boards the main one being Seek.

Six Degrees: Whether you are hiring IT engineers, accounting, - whatever talent you are seeking, - is your country's CULTURE a factor in the RESPONSE RATE you get when sending an email requesting a CV versus calling the candidate directly at their work? Are they open/eager to sending their CV, are they more shy/cautious or even suspicious depending on the method you use to contact them?

MARTIN: In Australia candidates like to talk to you and understand what you have to offer and how that can benefit them. For more senior/specialist role you need to build a relationship via phone and face to face as we tend to be suspicious.

Six Degrees: What methods/resources produce the FASTEST amount of time in producing hires?

MARTIN: For volume roles job boards. For your more specialist/technical/senior roles your networks you have built over time, talent pool, professional networks like LinkedIn.

Six Degrees: What SPECIFIC TECHNOLOGY TOOLS do you use that produce FASTEST amount of time in producing hires.

MARTIN: Taleo, PageUp would be the main technology tools in Australia.

Six Degrees: Is it acceptable, or common, in your country’s culture to offer a referral fee for a successful hire to someone who recommended the candidate? Yes or No? What is the formula, method or basis for developing a money reward for a referral?

MARTIN: Yes this happens and is becoming more the norm with organisations. Generally is money based and can vary in amount significantly very much dependant on the industry sector.

Six Degrees: Do you use blogs specific to each country's talent within target industries/competing companies?

MARTIN: In Australia this is starting to happen but still early days. I think this is one area where Australia needs to significant ramp up and focus on.

Six Degrees: What are the BEST JOB BOARDS to each of the countries you recruit for, BOTH overall and SPECIFIC TO each industry (For Example: IT, Finance, Marketing etc)

MARTIN: In Australia we don’t have many job board like you do in the USA. The dominate job board is Seek followed by Mycareer and Careerone which are both aligned with our 2 main newspaper groups. Some industries such as mining and resources use all the global or niche job boards to attract people to Australia.

Six Degrees: What local newspapers, known major associations & conferences and industry-specific website portals are relevant to the staffing industry in Australia

Newspapers: The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Financial Review are the main players.
Conferences: Australasian Talent Conference. There are also various other careers conferences for professional and graduates.
Associations: RCSA, ITCRA, various HR associations

Six Degrees: What Search Engines in addition to common ones like Google, do you use that are native to the countries you are responsible for? Please Detail with links.

MARTIN: Sensis ( would be the main one

Six Degrees: Which 3rd party agency/ recruitment search firms have you successfully used and would recommend to others for the types of positions (IT, accounting etc) you recruit for?

MARTIN: This would depend on what skills you are looking to hire. There are over 4000 agencies in Australia so its difficult to single out any particular agency.

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Dave - thanks for introducing us to Martin!

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