Hey Linked In: I need one more option replying to an invitation

I'm trying to dig further into the promised land.....so in going through my LinkedIn account I see there are several Invitations still needing attention. But the option I need is not available!

I can choose to accept which is pretty obvious. I can say I Don't Know....which is not always the case or I can pick my only other option - archive.

I'm wondering who decided on these as the only possible choices here...? What are my options if I DO know somebody and know them to be a complete jerk? IDK is the wrong option.....saying YES isn't going to happen.........and why archive a chumps invitation?

Dear LinkedIN: Please give me the "I know this person - and the answer is HELL NO I will not accept their invitation!"

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I don't know if you are aware that if a person receives like 4 or 5 I don't knows they are kicked off LinkedIn. I try not to nail a person with IDK. I typically send them a who are you email.
Thanks Eric. I just want to say "NO"....and that isn't an option.
I'm guessing here.. but, if were to be able to reject the invitation... that same person could send you another invitation at a later date. Killing them permanently would not allow the option for that person to improve themselves and become worthy of your connection in the future... and would not be a wise approach for LinkedIn to use.

Again.. I'm guessing... but, archiving probably makes it so that the LinkedIn system can still "see" the invitation thereby disallowing the unworthy to repeatedly request a connection with you. I'd be curious to know what person requesting a connection receives as a system message when you "archive" them. That would help with your issue.

- Jim

- Jim
That does not seem fair.
You'd think a simple "no" would be an option.....but it isn't.
From my observations.
After 3 IDK's Linkedin restricts your account from sending invties out to people without an email address and they ask you to re-read user license. Until account is off restriction you can't get more invites either.

After 3 more IDK's they are more serious, they restrict account and again ask you to re-re-read the UL and off you go with a very stern warning. Until account is off restriction you can't get more invites either.

After 3 more they get more serious and "review" your account, keep it on restriction until review is done (1-2 days) and then they release it with another warning.

I know of one guy that sent out a couple thousand invites had 100 IDK's and they still gave him more invites etc... with a slap on the wrist.

Jerry, as for the No or Reject. I agree, on several occasions I've accepted invites from people I'm not fond of as I'm an open networker. So I have on occasion (twice) accepted the invite and then gone back in and removed them from my network. But really what purpose would a Not Accept or Reject button serve. An IDK puts a block on future invties from that person. You can "re-invite" them but they can't re-invite you.

If you archive an invite you can go back later on an accept if you so choose.

Jeff Weidner
jeffweidnerlinkedin@gmail.com 8600+ first level
What really strikes me here is just simply wanting to say no. In the example or two that comes to mind - I don't really want to give the guy a black mark or anything. I just don't want him in my network. LinkedIN doesn't need to keep track of it. And I don't want to just hide it in the archives.

Oh well. If I were a paying customer - I'd be more vocal about it. For now (and probably forever) it'll just have to sit in there........waiting for me to take an action......which is not available.....yet.
Jerry, cool. Yes, I also don't like to select 'I don't know you' option. However, if there are somebody really wanna add me and don't like spammer, I'll reply to ask him about detail. For those who like spam, I will have the "I don't know you" option. FYI. Btw, you can connect to me at http://www.linkedin.com/in/shaojunzhang. Thanks.


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