This morning I mentioned that I am interested in seeing about working closer with some of the Ning administrators for all of the Recruiting Related Ning groups popping up.

Maureen Sharib who runs a sourcing Ning site called MagicMethod and Sourcers Guild was the first to say she was interested.

I called her up and we had a nice long chat. I asked her if she looks good in a gown and she laughed. I said why are you laughing and she said well, some of the people who participate in her chat sessions would like for them to be at night and some people can't even access the chat at work so it may be a good idea. She suggested we do a chat session on sourcing at midnight.

The thing that makes me more happy about knowing Maureen is curled up by a fire at midnight pounding away at the keyboard maybe with some wine, maybe without is that it's a good example of how one recruiting Ning network will be working with another Ning network. Both our networks will benefit over time from this first step.

Maureen says:

Come Saturday night at midnight, I will be here on RBC to conduct the ever increasingly popular and exciting phone sourcing chats while you're at home. The arcane subject of telephone names sourcing will be explained in plain terminology. Looking for something to do on Saturday nights? Now you have it! come to this Saturday at Midnight (EST -that's 9pm Pacific time) It will be in the chat section

So, for the forseeable future, every Saturday night will for sure have more going on that it did before.

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I can't wait. We're going to be talking about some of the things you can do in the middle of the night with a telephone.

1. Don't you like, get up at like 5am?

2. I think you should alert the media -- in China and Australia.
They finally have an opportunity to listen in.

Good luck.
Animal, I'm gonna be like, livin' large this Saturday night! I haven't been up this late in years ('cep to go to the bathroom). We' ll see how it goes - hope you can make it!

Maren, We're absolutely serious and we hope to see you there if you can make it. Now those who wander around RBC in the middle of the night lookin' for some excitement just might have some! We're going to be talking about the various and sundry ways the telephone can be used to source while the world is sleeping. Most of it will surprise most of you!
Maurey, you should contact Michael Specht and Gautam Ghosh. They are both Twitter Hounds and you can always find them there.

LOVE the video...Elton John rocks and this one made me smile.

Maureen, fun idea to do a night chat. Don't know if I'll be around at midnight on a Saturday...but I really like the idea of a chat in the evening. Susan's Talent Talk cafe is always so tempting, and I once dropped in but could only stay a few minutes. As much as I'd like to, I just can't do an hour during the afternoon. But, a weeknight any Mon-Fri after hours (before midnight!) like 6-10 I'd absolutely be there, and could give it full attention.

:) Pam
Maureen: will you call to wake me up?

Maren: you'll be out partying...would you stop for a minute and call?

Maureen Sharib said:

I can't wait. We're going to be talking about some of the things you can do in the middle of the night with a telephone.
Sure, Brian - what's your number?!


Jason is working on getting a new chat box up and it should be up in less than an hour - apparently Ning is having some "issues" with the third party chat provider Widget Labs and 'til they get things patched up between themselves we're going to make do with the new chat: Shoutbox. It'll be a little different from what we're used to in here but it'll do just fine for our midnight chat!
We're going to work through the new chat issues tonight - Jason has promised to place and enlarge the chat to to top of th page (middle column) come 11:45PM tonight so we'll have more elbow room. I'm looking forward to the chat -see you in there tonight!
Looking forward to tonight.. Should we say Sunday not Saturday or am I splitting hairs?? ROFL!

I guess technically it IS Sunday morning isn't it?? It'll be a blast - I'm glad you're coming! Anything in particular you're curious about?
Nah, I am just so busy with current work load that I can not find time to participate during the week in the chats and online meetings.. so I am going to try and stay awake for this one. ;)
MagicMethod Midnight Moves Chat Log
"Sourcing In the Midnight Hours"
August 23-24, 2008
First Ever Midnight Chat on RBC!

Best Night Line:
"Yes, if you have movies with "live" soundtracks that would probably give me enough to pick up the stress patterns where you are manipulating your victims." ~ John Kennedy

Denyse Diem Hello, I'm just entering the field of Sourcing and looking to learn all I can from you experienced Sourcers

John Kennedy Is that there are some true vampires of sourcing ... that can bring a voice mail directory to its knees at 2 am.

RecruiterGuy It's always challenging to get past the gatekeeper.... but they were always a little more vulnerable right before a weekend or when trying to scoot out for a holiday weekend. Catching them in just the right moment is always helpful.

Maureen That's true John. I like the imagery!

Maureen That's also true RG - I LOVE to source around holidays - we have a good one coming up – Labor Day!

RecruiterGuy Ahhhh voicemail.... that brings back memories of learning call trees after hours and taking shots at spelling with the number pad for names and titles in voicemail. lol

Read the whole thing about things you can do with a telephone in the middle of the night here.

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