Bob Nelson of Motivation, Inc. shared some tactics that caused me to think about what motivates each of us in work or life.

Some of those tactics included saying "thank you," listening, providing performance feedback, recognition, training opportunities, sense of ownership, trust, and continued success. Obviously, there are some interested and motivated specifically by monetary gain.

I have been motivated in both arenas of my life, personal and career, by the opportunity to learn and develop "a better way." I am interested to hear what motivates you - the recruiter, the sourcer, or the person.... What words do you work or live by?

I will be using what I learn here in a white paper I am putting together and would appreciate your input.


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Lot's of great comments so far. I want to give it a little different twist. Do you know how you can tell if you are motivated? If you are thinking about how you can't wait to retire you are not motivated, whereas if you are dreading the day you may be forced to retire you are truly motivated!

The primary driver in motivation is being passionate about what you do. Since the majority of people aren't fortunate enough to work in a job they are naturally passionate about, the great people motivators are able to inspire passion from people in areas they may not naturally be passionate about.

So how do they do that? Many of the ways have been mentioned in the other great posts on this topic...well done everyone. The answer is it is different for everyone and the great leaders...ask, listen, symbolize, challenge, empower, develop, measure, reward, collaborate, make tough calls and create the possible out of the impossible by looking at everyone individually as to what will stir their individual passion.
Be well. Do good work. Keep in Touch.
I'm motivated by good and bad criticism, it inspires me to want to do better. I'm motivated by others' senses of urgency, it makes me want to work harder and be more efficient. I'm motivated by the feeling that I've lost control of a situation, a candidate or a hiring manager because when this happens I feel as though I'm going through the motions. And yes, I'm motivated by the money and recognition, albeit its different on the corporate side vs the sole proprietor. The sense of belonging to something is what motivated me to return to the corporate world vs just sharing a bank account with someone in my previous position. Now its 8:45am and I have to motivate myself to leave home and get to work. I struggle with this sometimes.
I should have added...I love my business. I love running a Sales recruiting firm and feel that fuels me also. thanks for letting me add in additional 2 cents! Great responses...
Hey Rayanne,

As many have already stated...great question!

Professionally-I am most definitely motivated by process improvement. I'm an innovator, and always look to either develop new and better ways to execute a task, or improve on an exising process or idea by making it more efficient and effective.

And personally-I am strongly motivated by the opportunity for personal growth. For me, there is so much more to know...and I want to reach for it all.

In the end, these things, as well as the ability to fully live the life that both I and my family desire is what I measure great success as.
I feel the best way to Motivate is to Appreciate.... An appreciation can make wonders in both profession and personal life


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