Has anyone looked into and/or used Bounty Jobs? If so I am looking to get some feedback from other recruiters. I am trying it out now and am not impressed with it initially, feedback is slow and rare. I have solid candidates in who have been there for several weeks, some have been viewed and some have not.

Initially I am not impressed and did not see what I was hoping for and has been mainly a waste of time and effort but did not want to jump ship if others have had better experiences.


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Been Watching this thread for sometime and owe Mike Hard a phone call as he is looking to hear from recruiters about the pros and cons of bounty Jobs.

It is a few things; the commodity tag placed on recruiters, the dilution of my services, throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks, getting paid by a third party (minus a chunk of the fee).
Now a bread and butter client signed up with BJ and the vig to BJ was 3% not 25% pretty cool however I have not done business with that client in two years while prior to that had at least 2 placements a year for over 10 years...
One thing that BJ did stress (in their favor) was to establish a relationship with the companies you are doing business with on BJ.
Now I used it for only a short time yet found it difficult to establish any viable relationship, so I gave up on BJ.
As experienced recruiters we all know there is no 1 cure, we have to do several things all the time to make placements.
I hope to hear something new and fascinating about Bounty Jobs, remember good news is contagious!

Patti E Amaya said:
No. I have been on their site for a year and a half. I will be an honest recruiter and tell you that I was hit hard the last two years. One placement with them is a a success in my eyes. I have had communication with firms but not a placement. As long as I get communication I will stick it out. My placements range from $30K - $50K and that fee if I get it is worth the added work on my end.

As I stated don't count your future salary off them, but if you make one placement a year I think its worth it, espcially in this economy.

Off to work!

pam claughton said:
Hi Patty,

So, have you made any placements with BountyJobs?
Hey everyone, I'd love to weigh in and am sorry I didn't do so earlier....

I took over BountyJobs with the thought that, as a number have mentioned, the actual business had yet to live up to the promise of a very cool concept. While the company had done an amazing job growing it's "marketplace" of new employers and headhunters, eventually any business like that needs to make the experience of existing customers the priority.

That's what we've been up to for the last 9-10 months - hence the low profile. We took every part of the company - sales, service and technology - and focused them on making the experience for existing employers and headhunters great. Our feeling is that when the 3rd party recruiters on the site feel that employers are treating them as partners, the best of those headhunters invest the energy in sending great candidates, and the whole thing starts a virtuous cycle that entices those employers to post more great jobs, at great fees.

So far so good. I can't give out specifics because its proprietary info (I know that will most likely generate some hoots), but the rate at which we fill jobs has grown by over 50% in just the last 9 months while the number of jobs posted has grown even faster. Fees offered to headhunters are still strong (around 21%) and average salaries remain well over $100K. All of this equates to our existing headhunters making some nice fees, our existing employers finding great headhunters and candidates faster, and BountyJobs growing despite a wacky job market.

I decided to spend little to no money on marketing and PR. Our PR department are basically me and Asaf (who also runs all of our sales operations). That's alot of the reason I haven't been able to send emails, do splashy marketing or reach out to folks I'd like to (like you Jerry - so pardon the oversite). We're about to change that, however. You won't see a BountyJobs SuperBowl ad anytime soon, but I am going to get our name out there more now that we think the product experience is great. Our actual marketing and PR spend will still be very small, the real substantial next investment is in our technology and services teams and we hope to release a new version of the site before the end of the year.

On reading what I wrote, I realize it might be more than people wanted, so apologies however it seemed a good time and place for an update. As Sal mentioned, I'm really eager to hear from anyone about thier experience and how we can make things better.

Not interested in Bounty Jobs. There is ton of recruiters on it and for a recruiter's chance to get face to face contact infront of a hiring manager is very very slim..... I would suggest to find your own clients and work those orders -- at least those, you have a fighting chance to make aplacement happen....

Hi Erica;


I have had a pleasant experience working with Bountyjobs so far.  That being said, I am reserving judgement.  I worked hard on several reqs that were within my niche'.  I had one successful placement.  I am waiting on payment that is now late.   It is a significant sum.


I've passed on working on other requirements until I know for sure I will be paid.  I was warned a head of time that this payment would be 7 - 10 days late.  We are way passed 10 days, and I am of coarse nervous as this is the first time going through the bountyjobs process.  We shall see.


Greg Smith

J3 & Associates


Erica Jayne Walsh said:

Hey All,

This is Erica from BountyJobs. I am responsible for connecting with our users and thought I would jump in to offer my thoughts. As with anything in life, BountyJobs is what you make it. This year thousands of placements are occurring through the site and as someone who engages on a daily basis with the recruiters and employers using the site, I have to tell you that a lot of the recruiters on BountyJobs are taking on these job requisitions on as serious sourcing assignments. This is evident as many Fortune 100 companies have been able to fill jobs (quickly) on BountyJobs; jobs that they had previously deemed unable to fill as the reqs had been open for 6+ months.

I'm glad to talk candidly about the BountyJobs marketplace, as it isn't perfect. Please reach out to me if you'd like to discuss.

Rob: I think you bring up an excellent point. As you can imagine, our business very much depends upon headhunters/ search firms thriving and being seen as the source to get top talent and passive candidates. We very much strive to create technology that enables the enhancement of relationships and fights commoditization that occurs any time you take formal relationships and make them virtual. Would you be open to chatting? I'd love to hear your insights and better understand what creates the commodity impression.
Hey Greg - give me a call offline. I can help. If you want to use this as a forum to question our payment policy and terms, feel free, but there are a couple of things you mentioned re: your bounty that I think aren't entirely true and I can help explain. Also - this string was started a couple of years ago and is very old (Erica hasn;t been here for 2-3 years). Mike

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