Chat Stream - Talent Talk Cafe - Tuesday, Sept. 23rd: Topic - Exploring a career in third-party and corporate recruiting

Our topic this week was: What are the deciding factors in choosing between third-party and corporate recruiting? Money can certainly be a big motivator to go third-party but is it enough? And, is it the best fit for everyone? Alex posted an interesting topic Sunday that caught my attention and I thought it would be a good Talent Talk Cafe discussion.

Thank you to everyone who participated! I think this was our most active chat yet - as evidenced by the 20 pages of comments! There's a valuable dialogue here that articulates the positives as well as challenges to each career path/choice. In the end its really about the individual and what's important to them.

Most importantly, when looking at either a corporate or agency role:
> explore the culture of the company
> determine how important career growth is to you and what the company offers to support your interests - in both career development and advancement opportunities
> identify if its important to you that the company is "progressive" and how innovative they are in their practices - we talked about this a lot with the emergence of sourcing specialists
> understand how decisions get made and whether or not your have a "voice" in contributing - if this will be important to you

Speaking of voices - if you have an idea you'd like included in a Talent Talk Cafe please let me know. Cheers! Susan

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1:00pm Susan Burns Hi Everyone! Welcome to Talent Talk Cafe!

1:00pm Susan Burns Our topic today will look at the deciding factors between choosing a career/job in third-party or corporate recruiting. What are the deciding factors?

1:01pm Susan Burns There are several differences between both careers and its not always easy to cross over.

1:02pm Susan Burns Money can be a big driver for 3rd party but corporate can offer a lot in development and I always liked the close proximity to the business.

1:02pm Susan Burns What are your thoughts?

1:02pm Alex I definitely like the proximity to the client and the business

1:03pm Alex being an advisor vs. outsider

1:03pm Susan Burns Hi Alex - when you say client do you mean hiring manager or business lead?

1:03pm Alex yes, Hiring Manager

1:03pm Jerry Albright I never once consider myself to be a "true" outsider.

1:03pm Jerry Albright As a matter of fact - the term "3rd Party" really bugs me.....

1:03pm Susan Burns HMs can be a challenging group to manager but once you earn their trust and contribute to their team they can be strong advocates

1:04pm Susan Burns Hi Jerry! agree - what would you reco for a different term?

1:04pm Susan Burns And Jerry, can u set that answer to music ;-)

1:04pm Jerry Albright recruiter is just fine.

1:04pm Amybeth Hale You get to really shape the opinions of your colleagues toward the precruiting practice on the corporate side more than on agency, I think.

1:05pm Susan Burns Jerry - how can we differentiate the different types of recruiters for internal and external?

1:05pm Susan Burns Great point Amybeth! If the org is open to innovation and change there can be a lot of "play" and experimentation to shape new strategies

1:06pm Susan Burns When deciding on a corporate role i think corp culture and investment in the recruitment function is critical to explore

1:06pm Alex yes, I like the strategic side as well, that you get on the corp side

1:07pm Amybeth Hale AGREED. On corporate, there is more money typically budgeted for things like training and resources for the ENTIRE staffing team.

1:07pm Jerry Albright Sorry to distract the dialogue Susan. We'll leave my title preferences out of this one!

1:07pm Susan Burns There can also be an array of career options that open up within a corporate setting

1:08pm Jerry Albright As a 3rd party you can "play" and "experiment" with anything you want. Directly for your personal growth. Any time. Any where.

1:08pm Susan Burns Jerry - no distraction. Its an important differentiator and I've struggled with the term as well. Don't like "headhunter" either

1:08pm Jerry Albright I should also add ' 3rd part/independent recruiter. Non-agency.

1:08pm Jerry Albright "Outside" recruiter is fine w/me.

1:08pm Susan Burns Jerry - do resources and access to other functions make that more challenging? Also, is agency different than independent?

1:09pm Jerry Albright It's just that 3rd party makes me feel so "uninvolved" when believe me - I AM involved....

1:09pm Maha Akiki as an internal recruiter new to the company, I often had to compete with the "outside" recruiter

1:09pm Jerry Albright I came from agency. Like a giant rat house. I'm glad I split.

1:09pm Amybeth Hale I think play and experiment are available of the corporate side, depending on the org. If you work in an org that embraces trying new things, there are lots of opportunities to further your training within the company as well.

1:09pm Maha Akiki they had worked with the HM for years, and proved themselves

1:09pm pam claughton Hi all

1:09pm Maha Akiki and here I am a "newbie" to the org

1:09pm Susan Burns Hi Maha! Hi Pam! Thanks for joining!

1:09pm Maha Akiki I think some "outside" recruiters can be as strategic as corporate

1:10pm Susan Burns Outside recruiters - how about OR for now, can become trusted advisers if they develop the relationships and add value

1:10pm Alex I don't know if it's the model, but as an agency recruiter I was recruiter only, not am so I didn't have access to the client

1:11pm Paul Reino I think a lot depends on whether your client has a corporate recruiter. As a 3rd party recruiter, I can work well with companies but only if there's no internal recruiter competing with me.

1:11pm Susan Burns Good point Alex - it may be valuable to separate agency from independent OR

1:11pm Susan Burns HI Paul! Thanks for joining

1:11pm Amybeth Hale And I have to add, that as a researcher, the landscape is a little different. The $ on corporate is much better for researchers than it is in agency or independent recruiting.

1:11pm Susan Burns Paul - do the corp recruiters see you as a partner too or just competitor

1:12pm pam claughton Corporate varies too, some use agencies widely and some not at all

1:12pm Paul Reino A little bit of both. As soon as I sense that I am perceived as a competitor, than I know it's not going to work.

1:12pm pam claughton When I was on the corporate side, they liked to hire agency recruiters so they wouldn't need to pay fees as much very effective!

1:12pm Susan Burns Amybeth - when u were a researcher in an agency was the relationship with the team different - hope I'm remembering your background correctly

1:13pm Susan Burns Pam - sounds like a "cost-driven" decision. Were the results as effective?

1:13pm pam claughton Interestingly, when I was on the corp side too, they bought research regularly and the recruiters and sourcers would call from lists, very effective

1:13pm Amybeth Hale the recruiter/researcher relationship is essentially the same. But on the corporate side, I get to also interact w/ our HMs which helps to shape their opinions on staffing as well.

1:13pm pam claughton Yes, Susan, we focused on continuously building pipelines and it paid off

1:14pm Susan Burns Pam - buying research can be effective. Amybeth's model is more targeted and long term - and ideally tightly connected to the biz strategy

1:14pm pam claughton I did it for a year, and then really missed the excitement of third party

1:14pm pam claughton and the money of course

1:14pm Amybeth Hale the combination of our great recruiters with the fact that now we have a research/sourcing function has created a lot of buzz for our staffing function amongst our HMs

1:14pm Susan Burns Pam - what made 3rd party/OR more exciting than corporate?

1:15pm Jerry Albright Also - would most of us agree that at least to start your career - agency is the way to go?

1:15pm pam claughton I like choosing who I work with and which searches to devote my energy to, on the corporate side, you can't choose, you have to fill whatever falls on your plate

1:15pm Jerry Albright it is from there that you have more options depending on where your skills develop and which work you prefer....

1:16pm Alex yup, started off in agency as well

1:16pm Amybeth Hale I agree w/ Jerry. Agency is more fast-paced and you learn more of the basics of what recruiting takes there.

1:16pm pam claughton I love an extremely fast pace too, and while you have that on the corporate side sometimes, it's never as nutty and fun as the agency me anyway

1:16pm Jerry Albright Plus - try hanging out all day on RBC while working as a corpt recruiter! I bet you couldn't.

1:16pm Susan Burns Jerry - I think it depends on the company you start with. A good corporate environment should offer lots of training and biz exposure. I found it invaluable but started on the biz side and then went into recruiting

1:16pm Maha Akiki @JA I can :-)

1:16pm Susan Burns Pam - I know of a place thats nutty and fun inside ;-)

1:17pm pam claughton Honestly, I'm also motivated by money and flexibility and third party offers so much more of both than corporate, if you can produce

1:17pm Julia Stone I can say as an agency, that the thought of being considered "overhead" in any organization doesn't work for me. I want to be revenue generating and always will be.

1:17pm Susan Burns HI Julia! Thanks for joining!

1:17pm Jerry Albright Hi Julia. Donde esta my email?

1:17pm Susan Burns Oooh I hate to think of it as overhead. That could be an opp for a more strategic internal alliance and compelling case!

1:18pm Julia Stone um, I have to get an email out, be back in 3 min

1:18pm Amybeth Hale It does stink to be often viewed as the "red-headed stepchild" of your company, but that's where you have a great opportunity to prove your worth and shape the opinion of the organization
1:18pm Alex on the agency side, do you time time to source though ? you're competing with so many other agents

1:18pm pam claughton not if you have locked up clients

1:18pm Julia Stone what are you doing if you aren't sourcing, Alex? You compete, but you have to have something to sell

1:18pm Susan Burns At WaggEd the recruiting team was able to deliver $600K in agency savings. At the time I don't think we were considered overhead.

1:19pm Jerry Albright I truly can not imagine life doing anything other than grazing freely on the open range out here on the staffing horizon......

1:19pm Julia Stone that is ideal, Susan, but I don't think it is the norm

1:19pm Alex I just say that because I think I'd like to focus on a sourcing role but that means I'd have to be on the corp side and I don't see many opportunties on the corp side

1:19pm Susan Burns I do like to think of myself as abnormal ;-) It actually took a lot to change the picture and I love a good challenge!

1:19pm Jerry Albright You could source for other agency clients Alex

1:19pm Julia Stone Alex, I won't hire a recruiter in my agency who doesn't know advanced sourcing techniques

1:19pm Alex ditto

1:20pm Susan Burns ALex - what about external sourcing?

1:20pm Alex you mean working for an agency or independant ?

1:20pm Susan Burns It could be either. Or contract?

1:20pm Slouch Julia, what song are you singing here.

1:20pm Jerry Albright Julia - I think that policy is limiting

1:20pm Alex Julia, goes back to my point, who has time to source when you're at an agency

1:20pm Susan Burns There are a lot of great sourcing opps coming up as the role is seen as more critical

1:21pm pam claughton You have to source. I did all my own when I was at an just do it.

1:21pm Alex yeah, but I'm limited in time :P

1:21pm Susan Burns How many agencies are taking advantage of dedicated sourcers?

1:21pm Amybeth Hale From a research perspective, I think there is still a lot on the agency side that needs to be learned such as the true value. Hence, why a research opportunity at the corporate level is more financially rewarding for research than it is at the agency level.

1:21pm Julia Stone Jerry, you may be right. They need to understand the function whether they excel at recruiting or sales though.

1:21pm Jerry Albright We're all limited in time Alex aren't we?

1:21pm Jerry Albright Julia - I'm always right.....

1:21pm pam claughton Susan, I don't think many agencies are yet, but corporate is more and more

1:21pm Susan Burns Within corporate its very challenging to be a recruiter and strategic sourcer becuz of the hiring manager relationship

1:21pm Jerry Albright ;-D

1:22pm Julia Stone JD, thanks for sharing, I think it was "I think were alone now"!

1:22pm Alex yes, but I'm on the bench right now, LOL

1:22pm Julia Stone I have a sourcer

1:22pm pam claughton I have a sourcer starting tomorrow actually!

1:22pm Jerry Albright Alex - what would be the outcome if you devoted your time to recruiting vs. devoting your time to finding a new job?

1:22pm Jerry Albright I'm just being hypothetical here...

1:22pm Amybeth Hale Susan to your question about agencies that have dedicated sourcers, I'd say not many b/c most of those people pull double duty as admin. Or they're considered "junior recruiters"

1:22pm Susan Burns Just saw that Amazon is looking for a sourcing manager - anyone interested?

1:23pm Alex LOL, you are pretty determined Jerry !

1:23pm Susan Burns Great questions Jerry

1:23pm Alex on site or virtual ?

1:23pm Jerry Albright Source me up an Engineering Manager for South Carolina and you'd make 10K.

1:23pm Jerry Albright In about a week......

1:23pm Julia Stone amybeth is right, I have worked in agencies going back 10 years that had sourcers and they were considered junior recruiters

1:23pm Jerry Albright From wherever you want.

1:23pm Susan Burns What is the average weekly hours for agency recruiters - anyone know?

1:24pm pam claughton 50-60 at least

1:24pm Jerry Albright But I'm not trying to recruit you over to our side. I'm just sayin'.

1:24pm Susan Burns Julia - if corporate influences the trend that could change soon

1:24pm Alex 50

1:24pm Amybeth Hale And unfortunately that is still how they are considered quite often today, though we are doing a good job of changing that mindset.

1:24pm Julia Stone in Seattle they used to be 50+

1:24pm Jerry Albright I use to work 30 hrs a week

1:24pm Maureen Sharib You think so AmyBeth?

1:24pm Alex well Jerry, you're the exception !

1:24pm Jerry Albright There is a huge diff x agency and indy though

1:25pm Jerry Albright I'm indy

1:25pm Susan Burns Amybeth - how are you seeing the landscape change?

1:25pm Jerry Albright Agency was minimum 50 or 60 cuz you had to make 2 people rich.

1:25pm Alex for sure !

1:25pm Amybeth Hale In some circles, yes. People are starting to see a career path in sourcing that does NOT have to grow up into a recruiting career.

1:25pm Julia Stone I have been rethinking the relationships in our agency & see recruiting, business development & researcher all equally important

1:25pm Susan Burns Julia - which agency are you with?

1:26pm Julia Stone BizWerks, my own

1:26pm Jerry Albright You can not look at any part of the complete placement lifecycle as less important than another - can you?

1:26pm Jerry Albright I thought it was BizWerx

1:26pm Julia Stone but look at the commissions & we do look at it differently as a whole, dont we?

1:26pm Jerry Albright my bad

1:26pm Amybeth Hale And that from research, or sourcing, you pick your poison, there are lots of options, and not always remaining in a recruitment-type role. However, I am seeing more of this on the corporate side than on the agency side

1:26pm Susan Burns Is career progression important in the job decision too?

1:27pm Amybeth Hale Because, no offense to anyone here, but the agencies in which I have worked had an expectation that every person would eventually become a recruiter and be part of the "revenue generation" part of the business.

1:27pm pam claughton depends on where you want your career to go

1:27pm Susan Burns Do agencies encourage/support career pathing and how important is it to each of you?

1:27pm pam claughton If it's to management, corporate offers more choices

1:27pm Alex not that I've seen

1:27pm pam claughton on the agency side, not so much

1:27pm Amybeth Hale Susan, I think they do as long as it fits into the model of the company. Which is why it is so important to talk about that in an interview!

1:27pm Julia Stone I think agencies are woefully inadequate at career pathing

1:28pm Susan Burns Do you all think career pathing is an attractor?

1:28pm Alex depends on the persons motivator

1:28pm pam claughton for corporate yes, not for agency

1:28pm Amybeth Hale If the company expects every employee to at some point become a recruiter, and that's not what you want for yourself, then it's not a good fit. And to force someone to recruit when what they want to do is research is going to make everyone unhappy.

1:28pm Susan Burns Many of my former team members at MAcy's Inc have moved into bigger roles in recruiting and HR

1:29pm pam claughton people who go agency are motivated by money, and the better you do, and more senior level you are, the more money you make

1:29pm Julia Stone I would have never gone out on my own if I had a good career path

1:29pm Jerry Albright Here is the promo path in an agency: Recruiter....Senior Recruiter.....Bail out to do your own thing......

1:29pm Susan Burns We used to map people in/out of HR from the biz side at times too.

1:29pm pam claughton but there's no real career path. I've seen top billers promoted in mgmt and fail or are miserable

1:29pm Jerry Albright Pam - can I disagree just a pinch?

1:29pm pam claughton generally two very different skill sets

1:29pm pam claughton of course Jerry I'm generalizing

1:29pm Susan Burns So Jerry - is agency a stepping stone to independence more so than corporate

1:30pm Jerry Albright I am motivated by the amount of free time I can spend with my family. It's just it takes money to take time off

1:30pm pam claughton Yes, growth in agency is going on your own.

1:30pm Jerry Albright Oh yes Susan.

1:30pm Susan Burns Pam - is the failing sometimes influenced by a lack of additional development

1:30pm B.Morris Hello

1:30pm pam claughton probably, because top sales people aren't necessarily good teachers, they're more doers

1:30pm Susan Burns I think the same thing happens with engineers that aren't given management development training

1:31pm Susan Burns Hi B. Morris – welcome

1:31pm B.Morris Thank you

1:31pm Julia Stone I commonly hear people say that people leave agencies for corporate because they are not able to make it in the outside world.

1:31pm Amybeth Hale Yes just b/c someone is good at their job doesn't mean they can help others become good as well. If their people/communication skills are lacking they won't do well in a management role.

1:31pm pam claughton and they usually miss the rush of being a top biller

1:31pm Alex Julia, that's what my ex boss used to tell me, but I disagree

1:31pm Amybeth Hale Julia, ouch!

1:32pm Susan Burns Julia - sometimes they want to be part of the biz and have a direct contribution too

1:32pm Julia Stone I agree with Susan, but it is a common view in the agencies I think

1:32pm Susan Burns In corp it was difficult to hire agency recruiters well into their career becuz they struggled with the HM commitment

1:32pm Maha Akiki Julia, it is those who have that view that fail in forging a relationship with the corporate recruiter, sometimes VERY important

1:32pm Amybeth Hale That's a really good point.

1:33pm Julia Stone My personal view is that they are different personality types as a whole

1:33pm pam claughton I agree

1:33pm Julia Stone farmers vs hunters

1:33pm Susan Burns The most challenging thing about corp is the HM relationship. The closer you are to the customer the more intense the expectation

1:34pm Susan Burns Julia - can u share more on that thought

1:34pm Amybeth Hale FOr certain. Most of the agency recruiters I've known were very very metrics driven, and volume based. The corporate recruiters I have come to know (and love) are more concerned w/ cultural fit and client delight.

1:34pm Sarang Brahme Hi - I am Sarang here.... I think corporate recruiters are mostly process oriented and agency ones are suppose to be hunting.... is that true everywhere?

1:34pm pam claughton Susan, that's one of the things I miss and really enjoyed was being closer to the HM

1:34pm Maha Akiki talk about expectation, where I am right now, they see me as the saviour, and I need to mostly manage expectations

1:34pm Alex yes agree with amybeth

1:34pm Susan Burns Hi Sarang - welcome. I would disagree. The corporate recruiters I've worked with were serious hunters - but they nurtured their crops too!

1:35pm Jerry Albright Just a word about being "a part of the biz"......When I drive down the highway - like on my way back from Toronto - and see all kinds of trucks with my clients names on them it is a rush! I am not only part of a biz - I am a part of many businesses!

1:35pm Julia Stone internal recruiters are driven (perhaps overdriven) by systems these days. They have their hands full with cultivating the relationships with candidates that come into the pipeline. What choice do they have? Really, how many req's do internals work at the same time?

1:35pm pam claughton Yes, I have to say, I was really impressed with the corporate recruiters I worked with, they didn't hesitate to cold call

1:35pm Maha Akiki JA, it also depends on the industry you're in if you're corporate

1:35pm Maren Hogan wow you guys are tearing this up. I am learning so much

1:35pm Susan Burns Pam - it is a double edge sword but when there a good partnership it feels as if your part of their biz and cool to see people grow into their roles

1:35pm Alex 30 reqs

1:35pm Julia Stone External is about finding the perverbial needle in a haystack,

1:36pm Maren Hogan Some of my internals that I work with on the 3PR side are working 50 and wonder why they are ineffective

1:36pm Amybeth Hale I guess it depends on what drives you, as to what setting suits you best. For me, I hate metrics and would rather research and find 10 people, 8 of whom are a fit for our jobs, than to compile a list of 1,000 people and only have 20 respond.

1:36pm Alex ditto Amybeth

1:36pm Susan Burns 30 is high depending on the type of talent they are looking for. I would try and keep a balance of about 15-20 and then as a team we would dive in and support the recruiter with a heavy load

1:37pm pam claughton Susan, that's a perfect req load, it gives time to really recruit

1:37pm Maren Hogan Tp inject soem Psych 101 into the equation, I think thir party learns that there is a lot more rejection on the sales side if htey run a full desk and corp recruiters are usually calling with something to offer not something to sell, so they have less fear surrounding cold calling

1:37pm Amybeth Hale the time it would take me to pull together the 1,000 would be better spend finding the right fit for my organization, than crossing my fingers and hoping that 1) a couple of people on the large list fit and 2) that I don't piss the other 980 people off for spamming them :D

1:37pm Susan Burns That's also where the sourcer comes in and anticipating the biz needs based on the strategic plan

1:37pm pam claughton Once you get upwards to 30 you can barely keep up with scheduling let alone recruiting

1:37pm Julia Stone Susan's right. I tend to have my people work 4-5 reqs at a time

1:37pm Amybeth Hale But again, that's the corporate side of my opinion now.

1:38pm pam claughton I work fewer reqs at a time now than I did on corporate

1:38pm Susan Burns 30 is total burn out and setting someone up for failure - may as well open the door for them now

1:38pm Julia Stone 30=paper pushing only. No way around it

1:38pm Susan Burns Unless your working on hourly roles with a general skill set.

1:38pm pam claughton I once had 35 and that was a bit nervewracking

1:38pm Alex that's been my avg on corp side

1:38pm Jerry Albright Julia - can I be one of your "people"....if so send me an email.

1:38pm Julia Stone skill vs volume is a fair debate though

1:38pm Jerry Albright {:-)

1:39pm Susan Burns It also depends on the technology that's in place - we used to have auto scheduling for hourly and it made a huge diff

1:39pm Julia Stone Jerry, answer my direct mail & I will sent it :)

1:39pm Carolyn Hi friends, I am a corporate recruiter, I generally work on 15-22 reqs at a time.

1:39pm pam claughton We had dedicated schedulers that helped quite a bit

1:39pm Jerry Albright Did

1:39pm Susan Burns Hi Carolyn! Is this Carolyn Hudson?

1:39pm Julia Stone the carolyn?

1:39pm Carolyn its not bad, it is definately busy though - yes its me

1:39pm Carolyn Hey Susan :)

1:39pm Alex hey chickie !

1:39pm Carolyn LOL the??

1:39pm Carolyn Hey Alex

1:40pm Susan Burns Thanks for stopping by and diving in!

1:40pm Julia Stone just because, carolyn?

1:40pm Maren Hogan Hey Carolyn!!!

1:40pm Carolyn I was tryin to catch up wtih you guys - you are covering a lot of ground!!!

1:40pm Carolyn :)

1:40pm Sarang Brahme Carolyn, out of those reqs - how many you normally able to close on an average... also does closure to open reqs ratio depends on the number of reqs you handle at one time?

1:40pm Carolyn yes thats me!!

1:40pm Carolyn My goal is to close 5 per mth

1:40pm Carolyn but we do have a very long process

1:41pm Sridhar Hi Friends

1:41pm Carolyn yes i would agree Sarang

1:41pm Julia Stone you are independent, right carolyn?

1:41pm Carolyn when i have a higher number, some reqs take longer - i have to really priroitize wht i am working on

1:41pm Susan Burns Hi Sridhar - welcome!

1:41pm Carolyn I am an outsourced vendor but working in-house

1:42pm Sridhar Hi Susan

1:42pm Sarang Brahme RPO?

1:42pm Sridhar thank you....

1:42pm Sridhar how are you Susan

1:42pm Susan Burns Carolyn - any guesses as to how much longer - in days, it takes to fill reqs as the number of reqs goes up

1:42pm Susan Burns That metric can be a good influencer to get more resources. Just convert the #days to lost biz

1:43pm Carolyn Hmmm no I wouldnt guess at a number Susan, every search is a totally different story, that is good to think about though

1:43pm Carolyn something maybe I should keep better track of

1:43pm Sarang Brahme also Carolyn, do you use external vendors? so do they come under equation in corp staffing?

1:44pm Susan Burns Its note easy to track. If the company has tracking for time to fill then just look at patter of reqs per recruiter

1:44pm Jerry Albright Is "patter of reqs" some type of corporate lingo? I really am missing out........

1:44pm Jerry Albright Oh - and I'm a smartass.

1:45pm Carolyn Sarang - we sometimes use agencies but this accounts for less than 5% of our hires

1:45pm Susan Burns Sorry that was pattern of reqs. We used to look at # of reqs per recruiter but also capture the type of req - level as example. It creates an important picture for an all-up view

1:45pm Susan Burns And yes, you are a smart ass OR ;-)

1:46pm Susan Burns But a FAB dj!

1:46pm Carolyn Thanks Susan, I will speak with my mgr about taking a look at those numbers! It will be interesting to see if there is a trend there - Im sure there is

1:46pm Susan Burns I'd love to hear from each of you what the top three things are that you want out of a job or career in recruiting.

1:47pm Jerry Albright Feel free to book me for your next catered event Susan!

1:47pm Amybeth Hale Kristin is here. She might be able to offer up a good perspective

1:47pm Susan Burns Hi Kristin - where are you??

1:47pm Jerry Albright Freedom, recognition and money.

1:47pm Julia Stone make money, connect people, make a difference in people's lives

1:48pm Kristin Kalscheur hi

1:48pm Amybeth Hale Top three things? Influence, Respect, and Opportunity (for promotion) - all outside of appropriate compensation of course :)

1:48pm Susan Burns Oooh these are good - keep it going!

1:48pm Maren Hogan Significance freedom and opportunity

1:48pm Jerry Albright Make a difference? Come on Julia....

1:48pm pam claughton Money, help build careers and companies, flexibility

1:48pm Maha Akiki i'll have to second Ambyeth

1:48pm Alex challenge, money and people contact

1:48pm Maren Hogan Jerry, you are so the class clown.

1:48pm Jerry Albright No I'm not.

1:49pm Susan Burns These are great. I'll be capturing the chat stream and posting later

1:49pm Carolyn for me it is the opportunity to learn/grow, recognition for hard work and work life balance would be nice :)

1:49pm Jerry Albright I just razz people who would rather work down at the county building handing out pamphlets.....

1:49pm Maren Hogan Yeah the balance thing is hard for third party folks with a killer work ethic

1:49pm Jerry Albright helping people.

1:49pm Kristin Kalscheur to build a pipeline, create freedom in my life based on having that network, and work my way to the top of course!

1:49pm Jerry Albright Maren - I disagree.

1:49pm Julia Stone help starts at home, jerry

1:49pm Maren Hogan I believe in JULIA! :)

1:49pm Susan Burns balance can be a challenge in corp too - lost of nights and weekend can pop up

1:49pm Maren Hogan don't tell me that! :)

1:49pm Jerry Albright I"ve got a killer work ethic and an excellent balance.

1:49pm Susan Burns GO Kristin - can I work for you one day ;-)

1:50pm Susan Burns uhhhmm we need to talk my dear Maren!

1:50pm pam claughton Yes, I saw issues with balance on corporate side

1:50pm Amybeth Hale Julia, small things done with great love are what change the world :) You hang on to your desire to better people's lives :D

1:50pm Kristin Kalscheur ;) riiiiiiiiiiight Susan

1:50pm Maren Hogan Jerry I believe you, I just think it takes time when you are learning at the same time as you are working

1:50pm Maren Hogan Fudgsicle

1:50pm Jerry Albright Agreed Maren.

1:50pm Carolyn LOL yes the balance is hard because everything is super-urgent!!
1:51pm Jerry Albright And I absolutely DO change lives - but only as a side benefit to my primary "self" goals......
1:51pm Kristin Kalscheur oh and I want to recruit people in industries that are changing the world for the better of course
1:51pm Susan Burns Isn't that what recruiting is really all about - bettering peoples lives
1:51pm Sarang Brahme for me it would be money, challenge and building knowledge / expertise
1:51pm Susan Burns Kristin - can u work on the gov!

1:51pm Jerry Albright Don't get me started here people.....

1:51pm Maha Akiki Kristin you can work in the life sciences

1:51pm Kristin Kalscheur that would be a good starting point!

1:51pm Susan Burns Go Jerry Go!

1:52pm Maha Akiki that's why i love working pharma/medical

1:52pm Alex why i like tech

1:52pm Susan Burns Maha - which company are u with - I forget

1:52pm Maha Akiki rigth now it's Sentinelle Medical

1:52pm Kristin Kalscheur i like environment/green and Corp social responsibility, public affairs

1:52pm Susan Burns Tech is a great place to influence the future Alex

1:52pm Jerry Albright Have we helped Alex much today?

1:52pm Alex lol, I think I'm more confused

1:53pm Susan Burns And Maren! What do you ladies think

1:53pm pam claughton there's always a 'hot' area in tech

1:53pm Jerry Albright Me too.

1:53pm Amybeth Hale lol KK always thinking in WE terminology

1:53pm Kristin Kalscheur that's not just WE terminology!

1:53pm Kristin Kalscheur doing a pro-bono side search for a green co too!

1:53pm Susan Burns Isn't it about personal desires more than anything. After that its finding the right culture fit if you want to go to corporate or agency

1:53pm Carolyn LOL, yea tech is awesome, but also fast paced right, that is probably where the super-urgent/ yesterday mentality comes in

1:53pm Kristin Kalscheur YES Susan

1:53pm Jerry Albright Oh gawd...

1:54pm Kristin Kalscheur if you are not happy how do you succeed?

1:54pm Alex so many next talk should be virtual/off site vs. in house ?

1:54pm Kristin Kalscheur must put #1 first

1:54pm pam claughton super urgent is across all industries I've found!

1:54pm Amybeth Hale You can think of your career path in terms of Maslow's hierarchy. Your personal desires are like the basic necessities of being successful in your career. If those are not being met, not much else matters.

1:54pm Maren Hogan urgent is not the same as important, strategy can get lost in the hubbub

1:54pm Carolyn good to know Pam!

1:54pm Julia Stone Jerry, if you noticed the 1st answer I gave was money, it was 3rd on your list. Just saying..

1:55pm Susan Burns We used to have a retail saying that everything was 1st degree murder - there are no traffic tickets - everything was urgent!

1:55pm Kristin Kalscheur A+ Amybeth

1:55pm Kristin Kalscheur Maslow's the man

1:55pm Jerry Albright Julia - I don't really need any more. So it's kinda lost it's sparkle.....

1:55pm Kristin Kalscheur SO true Maren

1:55pm Amybeth Hale I made a smart observation. Yay me!

1:56pm Maren Hogan Jerry you can send me some money if you have too much. . .

1:56pm Alex and what aboout that cottage you still want to buy

1:56pm Jerry Albright No problem. I'll need an address.

1:56pm Jerry Albright Good one Alex!

1:56pm Susan Burns Jerry - can u help the gov bail out the IBs too

1:56pm Susan Burns It would help my tax impact!

1:57pm Maha Akiki So Alex, OR or CR?

1:57pm Jerry Albright Oh I think we all just did - or will in the morning - actually that is mostly what we will ALL be doing for A LONG TIME.....

1:57pm Alex I guess it all depends on the opportunity/environment/moneyh

1:57pm Carolyn LOL yay Amybeth! I gotta take off now guys, thanks for the chat - OMG dont mention taxes Susan - I have to do mine asap!!! Shoot.

1:57pm Susan Burns Alex - anything you want to toss out as a final question to the group?

1:57pm Jerry Albright Alex - what niche are you most familiar with?

1:57pm Alex software, I guess ?

1:58pm Alex no thanks Susan

1:58pm Jerry Albright Would you enjoy being your own boss?

1:58pm pam claughton Alex have you done any financial? Bank of America has an extensive sourcing department

1:58pm Jerry Albright Some people would rather not - and I get that.

1:58pm Maha Akiki JA, I object, leading questions

1:58pm Carolyn Hell Yes Jerry - and one day I will be :)

1:58pm Alex yup, did financial

1:58pm Carolyn ok bye for now guys

1:58pm pam claughton If you ping me, may have some contact names for you

1:58pm Alex no, did that, didn't like it

1:59pm Alex will def do that Pam

1:59pm Susan Burns Alex - what about financial services?

1:59pm Slouch Thanks Susan, Great chat

1:59pm Alex I did recruiting at a Bank

1:59pm Alex yes, thanks Susan

1:59pm Alex twice

1:59pm Maren Hogan glad I got to catch the tail end. it was a great chat, so many lively voices!

1:59pm Kristin Kalscheur thanks sorry I joined so late!!!!

1:59pm Susan Burns This is for retail brokers? Would u be interested?

2:00pm Jerry Albright Cool Alex. I will no longer try to use my powers to influence you in a direction which would not be good for you! :)

2:00pm Alex lol, thanks Jerry

2:00pm Jerry Albright Good bye group!

2:00pm Julia Stone Interesting dynamics today. Great enthusiasm for sure. Thanks Susan!
2:00pm Alex yes, retail would be interesting

2:00pm Susan Burns Thanks everyone for a FANTASTIC Talent Talk Cafe! Its been great and look for the transcript a bit later today.

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