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Monday: Mendoza's Member Showcase
Meet Kal Luben, Recruiter at Freescale Semiconductor: "Torch Passes...
Talent Talk Cafe...
Exploring a career in third-party and corporate recruiting
Claudia's Wednesday Wisdom
Mamma Mia
Third Party Thursday...
Scott Love with a video: Selling to Human Resources
Friday: TGIS (Thank Goodness Its Sumser!)...
Digging Into RecruitingBlogs.com v1.20

...and Editor's Picks

RecruitFest Blog Round-up

Reflections on RecruitFest by Craig Silverman
Forget Cannes, TIFF, or the Sundance Festival, I was at RecruitFest! by Maha Akiki
RecruitFest! Pictures by Slouch
Recruitfest ~ Dedicate this to RBC Community Professionals I met at... by Susan Kang Nam
I'm not worthy! by Maren Hogan
RecruitFest, Part Quatre... for Pete's sake ... Part FOUR! by Rayanne
RecruitFest, Part Trois
RecruitFest, Part Deux
RecruitFest, Part Un

Recruitfest, The Aftermath The Recruiting Animal Show
RecruitFest or I left my boot in Toronto by Maren Hogan
Video compilation from Recruitfest! by Adam Peterson

[If I missed yours, sorry - ping me with a link and I'll add it to the list]

Atheists In The Foxhole by Maya Walker
Who Says Talent Acquisition Can't Be As Strategic As This??????? by Joshua Letourneau
Mastering the short email Anthony J. Meaney

21st Century Leader; Values based Leadershipby Sundar Vanchinathan
Tips to Working With A Recruiter: Trust Me - I'm An Expert; Filed u... by Nancy Ford
Suprised there's been no mention of our economic meltdown here... by Jerry "JA" Albright, CPC

Visual Boolean Searching by Steve Levy
Youthful indescretions? by Bill Martineau
Where the Rubber Meets The Road by Mike Rasmussen

Making sense of all your information by Jordon Shaw
One Person CAN Make A Difference! (And Kudos To OnRec!) by Joshua Letourneau
Did Harry Joiner make a fool out of me? by Recruiting Animal

This is taking forever! by Maren Hogan
What's all this Twitter talk? by Jessica Meher
Selecting Difference Makers - A How To Guide by Margaret Graziano
My top 50 groups on Linkedin. And my criteria for keeping them by Jeff Weidner
Sumser's Dallas Recruiting Roadshow... by RecruiterGuy
The Economy, How to set yourself up for Success when the Market Slows by Pam Claughton
[Think this is easy? You pick three, Smarty-Pants]

The Week's Top Videos

Unethical Recruiter? . . . or Brilliant Recruiter? You Make the Call posted by Joshua Letourneau
Thomas F.X. Licari is interviewed by Bill VIck posted by F.X. Licari
first step/essentials in the recruiting process posted by Maren Hogan
Changes and Challenges in 2009 by Brendan Shields
RecruiterGuy - Dallas Recruiting Roadshow by RecruiterGuy

Not a member! What's the matter with you?

ERE Blog Network

CU L8er -- Not by Sarah Welstead
A New Beginning is an Opportunity! by Jim Vogel
Generation Y: Youthful & Full of Promise? by Sarah Welstead
Spit the Dummy (Pacifier)! by Simon Meth

Mo' digestion

Friday September 26 recruitment roundup by Susanna Cesar-Morton (U.K.)

Fistful of Talent

Don't Call Me Fat During the Relo Trip (From Mrs. HR Capitalist) by Angela Dunn
Can "Hot" Employees Ever Get Full Credit for Their Skills? by Kris Dunn
Should We Get Geeked Out Over Google Chrome? by Kelly Dingee
Use Cash Money and Payola for a Successful Affirmative Action Plan... by Kris Dunn
I'll look at the Offer - Right After My European Vacation... by Tim Tolan

The Fordyce Letter

Launching a Career, 2008-Style by Elaine Rigoli
A Merrill Feeding Frenzy by Elaine Rigoli
C++ Job Ads Get an F for Fake by Elaine Rigoli
Email Rocks! by Dave Staats
Harry Joiner - Recruiter and Blogging Super Star by Bill Vick

Kennedy's Recruiting Trends

Prelude to a Debate by Jay Meschke
Is there a Physical Therapist in the House? by Kurt Mosley
What Have You Forgotten? by Barbara Bruno
The Six Biggest Applicant Lies! by Lester Rosen
Reaching New Recruits Where They Live by Tony Lee

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