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What ATS systems would you recommend? We would like to keep it on our Company server and to be user friendly (without much key punching). We want to store resumes there, our notes re candidates, and if possible, to keep track of our correspondence with them. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot and have productive rest of the week


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Depends on how much you want to spend. I've used Taleo, Zoniac, HRsmart, and Vurv.....the most user friendly (in my opinion) was Vurv.
Amanda, thanks a lot. I'll invistigate into those ATSs :-)
We've used Taleo for a year now and really like it. We looked at Vurv and it was less expensive but I agree it was very user friendly.

Good luck!

Karey, thanks a lot :-)

I suggest that you find the rind the right fit for you, rather than some someone else. Do you want a Contact Management function? How robust? Do you also want a Recruiting Software function? What will that need to do for you? So . . .

That said here is a list of ATS products and companies to check out: AIRS; by AIRS: Beecruiter; by Beecruiter: BrassRing Express Recruitment Solutions; by BrassRing: BrassRing Managed Recruitment Solutions; by BrassRing: cBizOne; by cBizSoft, Inc.: CVManager; by CVManager.com: Deploy; by Deploy Solutions: Hirebridge; by Hirebridge: HireDesk; by HireDesk.com: iRecruiter Professional; by iCIMS: Kenexa 2005; by Kenexa: myStaffingPro; by myStaffingPro: NowHire; by NowHire: OpenHire; by OpenHire: PC Recruiter; by Main Sequence Technologies: Pereless i7; by Pereless Systems: Preferred Hire Plus; by Preferred Hire Plus: Recruiter; by HiringSolutions.com: RecruitTrack; by RecruitTrack: Safari; by Safari: Sendouts Pro 3.0; by Sendouts.com: SmartSearch; by SmartSearch:
Sonic Recruit; by Sonic Recruit: StaffSuite: by VCG, Inc.: !Track-It Applicant; by !Track-It Solutions: Trovix; by Trovix.com (This may have been involved in a buy out recently): and WebPAS: by VCG, Inc.

If you have any additional questions or comments, I suggest you e-mail me at VirtualSourcer@comcast.net

All the Best!

You wouldn't be able to keep it on your own server, but we just invested in Sendouts after a few months of research and absolutely love it! We've only had it for 2.5 weeks now and I can tell you for certain that the ease with which you can upload/parse Resumes (i.e. Bulk Parse feature and integration with Microsoft Outlook) makes it very user-friendly. Another big thing for us was being able to upload all of our Profiles, Pre-Screening Documents, Notes and such for each candidate and this is done very easily too. I recommend checking it out if you're ok with the idea of having all of the info stored on another server. Plus, for only $97/month per user you can't beat it!
Wow, Ray, what an outstanding reply! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!
We use PCR at our office and it is really easy IMO. It does all the things you are looking for and interacts with Outlook if needed, so it will store every email you send as an activity. Or you can email directly out of PCR.It also will make a daily schedule for you, so you can have your day planned out when you come to work. You can take candidates you want to contact and put them in a rollup list that is named after a job you are working on...or you can break it down by region..whatever you want. When you get resumes, it is super fast to import them, as it will extract information like address..name and number to save you time. You can also easily import huge spreadsheets of contacts rather fast. Their tech support is very responsive if you get stuck on something.

It also is on our own server here at the office. I think you should check it out.
Hi Nataliya-
I work for an executive/ mid management search firm. We too were looking for a ATS system that was easy to work with, store resumes , track correspondence , interface with our website, etc...... but at the same time didn't need all the added features that so many ATS have these days. We did our research and ended up with ZenHire. If you'd like insight on how it's working for us I'd be happy to discuss.
Barb 612-638-2603
Hi Nataliya. Check out cBizOne by cBizSoft. You can find them at www.cBizSoft.com. I think they have a server version.. I use the stand alone product. Great resume parser. Hope it works for you.
I was a huge fan of Vurv/RecruitMax too. Interestingly enough, they were just acquired by Taleo, which also gets high remarks. Right now I'm on Bond Adapt... not a fan. I'm looking for something different now too, so far looking at CATS, PC Recruiter, CBizOne, iCIMS, and SalesForce.com.
has anyone used bullhorn... i d like to get some reviews


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