Simple one this(!!) - MySpace or Facebook for corporate recruiting?

I am having discussions with a couple of clients at the moment with regards to social networking sites, and which one is best for a corporate page. Of course they could do both, but they want to focus on one to start with and do it properly.
So any ideas which is better - MySpace or Facebook?

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Facebook is more popular when it comes to corporate pages sharing photos, announcements, etc......but for actual recruiting/sourcing purposes I am a big fan of myspace and believe that it will eventually surpass facebook. There are hundreds of groups on myspace and I have recruited and networked with more folks from there than I have with facebook.

Just my 2 cents.

Facebook hands down!

Thanks Amanda. Would you say that you have tried Facebook with the same vigour as MySpace?

I tried to attract analytical candidates through MySpace, but got no leads. I guess it depends what skills you are looking for.
I think FaceBook is more upscale than MySpace. I have had some good candidates (mostly in Canada) contract me there.
I definitely agree that it depends on the types of candidates that you're seeking. The average age of a Facebook user is 25 and the average age of a MySpace user is 35. If you have to choose one, and there may be no reason why you have to put all of your eggs in one basket, then use Facebook to recruit Gen Y and MySpace to recruit Gen X.
I have a question for you folks that are using MySpace.... are you building a "Corporate Page" as Andy mentioned in his post? Please leave some links on my comment wall.... or here.... I'd like to see your tactics. I put up a page a while back and got bumped off the network without warning. I decided to then, actually read the terms of service... which prohibit advertising. I was not spamming anyone.. just joined a bunch of groups... next thing I know, my page was taken down. I'd like to know how to capitalize on their network. Thanks! Jim
Thanks Steven, I am seeing that this question of mine has become a bit of a ' horses for course', as Facebook suits some people and MySpace suits others!!
Thanks Steven, that is a good definition of theuse of the two of them.
facebook. There are better. Question the value, as if your area of expertise is caught, your page will be garnished with the ads of your competitors.
Big fan of facebook. In my opinion its easier to use.

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