I am just curious to find out what criteria other recruiters use for inputing resumes into their databases. The reason I am wanting feedback on this topic is because I was always taught to make initial contact first before inputing them into my database, even if I don't immediately have a position for them, but think they might work for something I have coming up down the road. I was also taught to input only the resumes of people that I can actively work. For example, if I am located in Ohio and I come across a resume of a person that lives in California and I call him and he tells me he isn't willing to relocate to Ohio ever, I wouldn't put that person into my database. However, I work with a recruiter that puts every single resume he receives and finds into our database. Not only would he put that person from my example into our database, but he also conducts searches on the job boards and copies and pastes the resumes into our database without making some sort of initial contact!!! Now, when I do searches of our database, I have to weed through the junk first before I can start contacting viable candidates. Quite frankly, I could care less about a guy that lives in Texas that matches the skill sets I am looking for and won't ever relocate to Ohio. Please weigh in on this topic with your thoughts and opinions.

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Too many times I have looked back and wished I had stored some piece of data that I didn't. I tend to be a data storage junkie because I just never know what will happen in my life when I might need it. Holds true for resumes. You just never know if there will be a time you want that person in Texas and you'll kick yourself for not storing it. Craig makes a great point too. Before the days of powerful search tools I can see why you would only want relevant data stored since getting to it quickly is essential to your job. Today it seems that more is better.
Craig. I wouldn't scrape Monster, or CB and add them, but I would add people that I haven't talked to. They just won't have any notes in the notes field, telling me that we haven't made initial contact yet.

I wouldn't mind have a person in TX who 'thought' that they would never move to Ohio in my DB, you never know when serendipity will hit, the stars align and WHAM the guy you thought wouldn't, will.
I believe in a networking approach to candidates sourcing. Everyone that you come in contact with may either be your next placement or the referral that will take you to the next placement. Just because I don't have anything for him now, doesn't mean he is set aside. He may know oher professionals to refer to you or you may have a position in the future to match his requirements or his situation might change and he might eventually consider the move.

The other possibility is that most prospect are not ready to talk to a recruiter on the first time they receive a call. He may just have been blowing you off. Either way I would add him to my tickler list of prospects to check on in the future.
Hey Craig, I know that Resume Mirror alos has resume parsing software. Are there any other well known companies doing it?
I am new to recruiting but I am with your peer. I would input everything. I guess the real issue would be the database itself. I use an excel spreadsheet (with full intentions of creating my own access database) I note contact type (e-mail -phone-IM), dates and cross reference to resume, name etc . The real problem may be in the database design. You should try sorting by the phone number prefix if you really want people only in Ohio. You never know the guy in Texas may be a canidate for something that comes up in Texas.
work smart.

candidate may not be looking today. but maybe tomorrow, next month, next year. note details in the profile in your database, and dont send the resume out, ever, without a candidate's permission.
Craig said it!

Sorry I am very late in this but are you talking about manual or automated insertion ? 

I agree with holding on to your resumes, you may need it to fill another position later.  I use Excel to track mines.

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