We are considering the use of an assessment as part of our interview process to screen for creativity and problem solving skills. Does anyone have experience with this type of testing? Can anyone recommend a specific assessment or source for this?

This assessment would be for individuals responsible for the research and development of trading strategies.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi Wendy, the Golden assessment is a good, affordable and easy to use assessment tool. Just learned about it yesterday and am impressed with the breadth of information. You should also check out Career Management Alliance for other good recommendations.

The Omnia 720 Composite compares your candidate to a database of your best performers in a specific position. The Omnia Group Inc 1-800-525-7117. I haven't used it myself but have seen demo and heard great things about it. And what is better than comparision to your best performers?
Hi Wendy, I have used Caliper (www.caliperonline.com) as an assessment tool for sales candidate, and management level candidates. The assessment covers creativity and problem solving skills as well.
There was a really good article on ERE that made me think of you. It does not recommend a specific test but a perspective on the role of testing in candidate assessments.

We integrated an assessment test from SHL http://www.shl.com for reliability/safety within our applicant tracking/management system for drivers and industrial workers. they also have assessment testing for a wide variety of disciplines, including creativity/problem solving.
We use a patented software provided by Aon. The good part about the assessment process is all of the screening and safety checks that can be accomplished before an interview or direct communication. The con side is that what you are left with are the best of the test takers and positive pool of candidates. How can that be a problem? This group is the most desirable and most likely to have other options and hardest to pend down. They can represent a high level of turnover if not matched well.

The upside is that the process is legally defend able and supports the equity and efficiency models in use today.
Thank you for your reply. I was unable to locate any information on the Golden assessment. Can you share where I may find this? Thank you.

Try www.intesiresources.com/pages/using-disc-in-hiring.html

There are specific profiles for general candidates, sales candidates, and Management candidates.


Steve Giles

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