I am looking to expand my networking contacts In St. Louis MO. I am working as a recruiter on the Health Care side of things currently and looking to build professional relationships in the area. Also, curious if anyone is familar with the "slacker" site in MO and its effectiveness for recruiters in the area?

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Hello Jeff,

So you work for Pinstripe and you are currently recruiting for the Healthcare indusrty in St. Louis. Any chance this is for SSM?

As far as the Slackers site I haven't looked in to it much but I do know a few recruiters that are members...
Hi Bill,

Sounds like you have heard some things about the St. Louis Market! Tell me Bill who do you work with there in St. Louis?
Also, as far as the media goes there who do you view as the most credible source for info online or in print media?

Hi Jeff,
Yeah, I try to keep my ear to the ground as much as possible. As far as my affiliation is concerned it is out there on the web...I'll let you use your super recruiter powers to find it ;)

Well, The St. Louis Post Dispatch is the main rag in town. However, with there recent buyout and large cuts in staff (especially the reporters that have been around for a while) I think that they are certainly losing a bit of credibility in the community. I'd also take a look at the St. Louis Surburban Journals. As far as local online media you can always check out the local NBC, Fox, etc. affiliate stations websites.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bill,

BJC~very interesting how information flows around that city...hmmm? I am being told that most people in the "health care" community know each other there. Do you find this to be true?
Thank you for the info on the media situation there. I noticed the dispatch there seemed to be the biggest so I am definitely watching that and these suburban journals...Wanted to see if i was missing anything as it goes with the St. Louis Market...
We are definitley a Medium sized city with a small town feel and yes everybody knows everybody. We see each other on campuses, at career fairs and there is always somebody that worked with somebody else at another company, and this isn't just limited to healthcare. Intersting bit of local color: The most asked question of one St. Louisian to another is, "Where did you go to High School?" Always a great indicator of socio-economic status and usually leads to uncovering common aquaintances.

So the word is that you guys are going to be opening an office down here...give me a call if you ever want to grab a beer when you are in town.


Yes I will be there in the near future...i will contact you so we can grab a beer... thanks for your help...Any ideas on building this St. Louis health Care Blog to invite some more people?
Honestly, I set up this blog a few weeks ago but really haven't had much time to tend to it. I am planning on sending out invites to my contacts, actually posting some good content, adding some links etc. Feel free to invite anyone and make any suggestions that you think would be beneficial.

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