There will be days in your life that seem to curse the others. You know the days I'm talking about, those that start late, rushed morning, afternoon that goes too slow, where nothing goes right, when you have ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. Then there will be those days that soar, where all is well and you happen to do and say the right thing at the right time. I love those days.

I did not have one of those days recently. The kind I love, that is. A few weeks ago, my water heater decided to begin to heat the floor of garage with some of its contents. For several days, I swept the water out of the garage, hoping for a miraculous self-repair, but that was not to be. I solicited some help and soon had a new water heater installed and my garage floor began to dry up. It was beautiful, I wanted to take pictures and post on facebook, hehe.

I had awakened the next morning, ready to take my first worry-free hot shower in weeks, to discover, much to my dismay, no hot water. My "new appliance" joy was short-lived for the pilot light on the new unit refused to stay lit. "This little light of mine, please shine..., please." I discovered that it would only stay lit for a few hours. What to do? What a pain in the rear-> arranging for a repairman to come out to fix a brand new appliance. The knots in my stomach became big, humongous bows and I craved the peace of a hot bath. Ha!

That was not a good day..., it has since been fixed but the tentative, sick feeling in my stomach remains as I wonder, what is next? Murphy's Law, ya know? We work to avoid broken appliances and broken vehicles. We maintain our homes as best we can. We are required by law to carry motor vehicle insurance, yet how many of us also have uninsured motorists coverage to protect us against the guy who laughs at the law? A pound of prevention is far more valuable than a beautiful ounce of stupid, there's no cure for that.

What will you prevent today? A fall off? A bad interview? A missed appointment time? A misspelled word in a résumé? An anxious client? There is only so much you can step in and prevent but when you miss something, who takes the blame? The same person who doesn't get the credit when something goes right.
And isn't it ironic, don't you think?

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