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In the competitive world of recruiting, every edge counts. Do you think AIRS Certification, namely Internet Recruiting Certification (CIR) gives an edge or is it mostly hype? Afterall, a recruiter knows hows to search on the net. Is it worth the $1,395?

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R u aware of a new HR forum...thats really kool you should visit it.

Great response, Julia. I appreciate the valuable sources you suggested.

Julia Stone said:
No, it is not worth it. I think it is not just hype though, you do learn valuable info especially if you are new to the industry or don't know much about sourcing.
Ask your clients, see what they say. They will probably say a CIR, what exactly is that or so what? The most common competency question I get from clients is "who else do you work with that I know and respect?"
I have 2 CIR certifications, I have been to 2 of Shally's seminars & had the honor of seeing Glenn in action. Always take up a chance to see Shally or Glenn, stick with the cutting edge webinars. You will spend less money and get more current information.

And always be on the lookout for new info, no matter who is the evangelist. I have learned more from Michael Marlatt this year than anyone else, because he has turned me on to some awesome productivity tools that save me time and I had never even heard of him 3 months again.

There is no shortage of talent around here, also keep an eye out for webinars by Geoff Peterson and Donato Diorio, you won't be dissapointed.

What does worth it really mean? Training and certification by itself won't produce anything that will help you pay your bills.

Us Internet old-timers had to discover these techniques by ourselves because we were motivated by different things - Shally likes to say he was lazy and needed to find ways to accomplish things more efficiently (fact is, all of us who came up with these search techniques and strategies years ago just share a large piece of the curiosity pie).

A CIR is like PHR/SPHR or even a driver's license: People still get into accidents despite being certified as someone who knows the rules of the road. It's all about you.
I have been using AIRS for years and its like anything else, if you use it and develop your skills the ROI is ten fold. However think most recruiters take the course thinking its a silver bullet and its not, takes practice and time to master the concepts.

If money is tight there are several free tools for finding resumes on the internet, try this one it works pretty well and is self explanatory http://www.big5hire.com

BTW Certifications are a eye catcher if you are a Contract Recruiter, I have been contacted countless times by having certifications posted on my LinkedIn profile....

AIRS is a good foundation for understanding search logic and how to build search strings, you can incorporate into your job board searches...is it costly yes, however I try to put cost into perspective.....1- 20% placement pays for a lot of training and tools for the year!
It's worth cause every one is trying to find people on the limited number of job portal's ( Monster ,Dice......)
Seems to me that the consensus is that its always worth it if someone else pays for it. I would like to get feedback from someone who paid for it out of pocket.

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