I was wondering if we could just start subbing in the word "widget" whenever and wherever we want or need. It's kind of a cool little word that has crossed the chasm to reach celebrity status in the virtual world of websites, blog spaces, and online networks - an item or programming device embedded into a web page to create new or enhanced functionality. It's like a turbo button.

Remember the game Asteroids? When your spaceship had to split to avoid being demolished by flying debris and increasingly massive asteroids, all you had to do was push the button, "hyperdrive" and your ship could disappear and then reappear in a, hopefully, safer location. It didn't always turn out that way, but the risk was half the fun. Don't we all wish we had a widget embedded in us labeled "turbo" or "hyperdrive," whenever we needed to pay our split partner or deliver bad news (candidate didn't get the job)? That was a joke, kind of. "I just got turbo'd," "Sorry to hear that."

Couldn't you just widget your life away when the going gets tough or when times get financially tight? A widget for your thoughts..., I'd rather have the penny. I'll just widget here a while instead of deciding between paper or plastic. Santa might need a widget to get down some of those tighter chimneys. Are you going to stand there or widget your life away? Any widget way or loose. Ok, sorry, I'm done.

I sat with my co-workers the other day discussing words that we sometimes overuse, thereby diluting their meanings and causing those round us, as well as ourselves, to tire of their application. One suggested word was "collaborate" - sad really, because it is a great word that works well with others. My word was "monetize" - I am incredibly tired of trying to profit from this word. I use it often. I am trying to cut back - maybe I just need a widget. I digress.

Remember the vocabulary words in the Reader's Digest? Dictionary.com offers a Word of the Day email. I clearly remember in grade nine learning the word alacrity and eagerly using it to death, promptly. It is my hope that as I study erudition, it will not go the same way as impetus - which drove me to write a motivating blog. I tend to become entrenched in certain words as they embed themselves into my life and vocabulary. I am sure there is an app for that, or at least a widget.

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Another great post! I wish I had a widget or turbo button too.

More than words being overused and their meaning getting diluted, I hate when words are used incorrectly and their meaning, over time, gets changed. It bothers me that the dictionary people simply cave and change the meaning to fit how it is being used. I blame our schools…but I digress. Some words that have been altered by frequent misuse, enormity (Nothing to do with size, means extreme evil), decimate (to kill 1 in 10, but now means completely destroy), peruse (to read thoroughly, now means to skim), and those are just a few.

Ok, now back to the recruiting industry (now means sourcing industry...just kidding)
I salute your daily writings. I don't know how you stay so genuinely inspired day by day, but it is infectious.

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