I heard this week is Shark week.  Maybe i heard that wrong, maybe it's SNARK week.  There were solar flares, the devil went down to Georgia but left because it was too damn hot, every body is pissed about something.  Myself included.


It was almost a relief today to read all the fit throwing, snarky comments bordering on libel and recruiters frustrated as hamsters on a flat treadmill. 


I did it myself last night.  I respond to all applications and resumes even if they are off the wall even if it takes all night to do it.  I got a resume from a kid who has been out of law school for about a year, has flopped around from one temp spot to another.  He appplied for an executive VP position in an industry that he had probably never been closer to than when he had his last tetnus shot. 


 Normally my response is, "Sorry no experience in any of the specified requirements".  I don't know why, my trigger just tripped.  I guess i assume that a kid with a  new law degree from a prestigious school should know better than to apply for an executive VP level position  in healthcare requiring 10-15 years experience in a very narrow specific area. Or maybe i just can't stand narcissitic personalities..whatever.


Yep, i did it.  My note back said, "While your educational background is impressive , you are about as qualified for this position as a canary that can't sing."  Maybe i just wanted to mix it up with a young lawyer who needed his butt kicked, i don't know,  I just did it and it felt good.  Planets out of Sync or a hormonal storm.


Here it came.  "A simple thanks for your interest would have sufficed just fine. No wonder you can't get position filled with terrible professionalism like that. I'm sure you will find yourself in the unemployment line soon."


The fight was on.  I fired back. "LOL, Not likely, I have been a recruiter for 33 years and own the firm. I was trying to make a point with you not to apply for positions that you do not fit. An offer will be made on the position tomorrow. Really son, just read the job descriptions and requirements. That my friend is professionalism to be able to read and understand that a new grad is certainly not going to be considered for a VP position in an industry that they know nothing about. "


Maybe it's just SNARK week and we should all jump in a pile and bitch.


So what's your SNARK of the week?  it seems to be in the water. I am headed to the country to shovel horse poop, before i get myself sued or blacklisted somewhere.  Damn heat!

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