I am looking for an applicant tracking system that integrates with Linkedin, which will update the candidate's record with their Current Company and Title... 

I have used Bullhorn, which allows me to click and see the linkedin profile while inside the candidates record.

Now, I have switched to Brightmove, which allows me to update the record manually with the linkedin info, BUT this is a one-time change..


What I would LOVE, is a system that updates regularly...  I realize I may need to wait until Linkedin has their own ATS, which may be soon...


But it seems to me, an ATS is only as good as its information, and at the rate folks change jobs, the data gets stale fairly quickly....


When I search my database, I then have to cross check Linkedin to see if they recently changed jobs before I contact them, which is so time consuming....


How is everyone else handling this???




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LinkedIn API does not allow storing any candidate information except its explicitly authorized by the candidate. We allow preview of LI profile inside Hireworx tool, and its a query directly from LI. We do not update candidate record with this refresh.  When candidate initially submit (using Apply Using LinkedIn) that profile is stored in the employer database, as its allowed by LI.

This is a more complex problem that it may first seem. As Ghazenfer points out, there are LinkedIn issues with regard to storing data. There are also problems with regard to uniquely identifying your candidates with their LinkedIn profile. 

Many in the industry, including myself,  have done work in this area and there are some useful products available to help you combine your internal and external data.


Ok....so this is not exactly what you want but here's a decent (and free) workaround that I use and am happy to share.

So let's say you managed to connect with the worlds best recruiter...
and he had a LinkedIn Profile.

Your first step would be to create a candidate record....

First Name: Daren

Last Name: Mongello
Title: World's Best Recruiter

After that simply copy/paste his LI profile link in a custom field that you created for all contacts

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mongello

In most cases the hyperlink will remain static unless he creates his own url and goes from a linkedin.com/pub to a linkedin.com/in.

Now each time you're on the phone with said candidate, you can click the LI link embedded in his profile to see if it differs from what you have.

Shameless Self Promoter

This is an old post but I have also thought about this feature.  I recently demo'd a newer ATS that is coming out soon that is trying to figure this one out.  The problem I see is that each time your system checks the candidates LinkedIn profile, your profile would be listed in their "who recently viewed my profile" list.  If your system was checking regularly - even weekly or monthly, you would continue to show in their recently viewed list.  

I know many candidates check this because I will see their name show up on my profile shortly after I have viewed theirs.  Which means, they knew I was checking them out so they wanted to check me out.  It would be quite annoying if this was happening regularly.  

Perhaps if it was built through an API your profile wouldn't show... Just a thought.. I am curious which system you have tested... if you don't want to post it here than please email me roni at rlzapinassociates dot com  Thanks

Roni....I know of no app that will do it automatically.
I'll guess that LinkedIn would never allow it.

Eric: LinkedIn will allow you to change those settings:


Hi Roni - i am looking at postings having to do with Brightmove - are you still using Brightmove as your ATS and if so any thoughts you would like share.  thank you in advance,  Rich

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