Hey Everyone,

It seems like this topic has been beaten to death and there seems to be a lot of conversations about this topic a few years ago but I can't seem to find anything recent.  Maybe there is a recent thread on this but I couldn't find it.  And if that's the case then maybe I should chose a different profession ;)  So at the risk of public humility and ridicule I'm going to ask this question again. :)

I'm interested in what ATS platforms are being used for independent recruiters or small agencies.  I've been demo'ing Workable, Zoho Recruit, Recruitee, iKrut, and Lever and while they seem to be the cool guys on the block with their sexy UI's and such they're not quite suited for independent heads like myself.  They all offer slick one click posting features and candidate tracking along a pipeline, but what is missing is the ability to populate a database and pipeline candidates for future positions.  Now any of the sales guys from any of the above systems will debate this.  They will tell you that you need to create a job called "database" and then populate that.  What sucks about that is that their pricing model is based on the number of roles (jobs slots) that you're working on.  So with Workable if you chose their 3 job slot monthly program, one of the job slots will always be used as a database.  Which I suppose isn't the end of the world but it's definitely not ideal.

I'm also working on a lot of confidential roles that really don't support postings but do require associating candidates to a position(s).

My other requirements are that it be cloud based, integrate with outlook, and be fairly affordable.  I'd also love to keep it under 100/month.  And maybe have an iphone / android support.

Anyone using something magical that I've over looked?  Am I asking for the world? 


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Hey Jesse,

My company is actually currently working on ATS for small teams and independent recruiters. So your post looks pretty helpful for us.

If you don't mind I'd like to learn more about your requirements.

As far as I understood from your post the main thing that you need is an ability for a candidate to apply without choosing a job. By just sending you his resume. Am I on the right track?

What other features has top priority for you?

There are lot of softwares available these days for recruitment industry. I would like to make a note of ‘SoftwareSuggest.com’. It is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. They provide a list of best applicant tracking system for independent recruiters and small agencies with reviews, features, comparison, price quotes and many more. You will get free consultation for selecting right software for your business.  They help over 25335 businesses for finding right software for their business.

If you own a small recruitment agency, a thought about using an applicant tracking system would have crossed your mind for sure and you even started searching for products that fit your requirements but eventually you ended up with something not-so-good or something expensive. Moreover, you just stopped searching & continued the way it was already.

You want something that will take care of everything from candidate management to generating invoices and everything in-between! You even want a powerful resume parser and an ability to connect your mailbox so that you can send email without going to Outlook or Gmail.

That's where Recruit CRM comes in, a powerful applicant tracking system with CRM. There are some exciting features like

  • Parsing resumes received via email and adding straight to your candidate database. In one go!

  • Ability to see what your recruiters are emailing to your candidates & contacts

  • Creating a Hiring & Sales Pipeline

  • Generating invoices for placed candidates and emailing them to your clients

  • The convenience of associating email to candidates, jobs, companies & clients

  • The ability to send bulk email

  • and many more...

We are obsessed with helping small firms to grow and make their life easier. If you happen to be a part of such firms, you might want to take a look at it! See you soon.

Thank you for reading. :)


You got that right! Lever, Workable, Recruitee are built for inhouse recruiters and not small independent Recruiters. A great option is Recruiterflow. It works for small scale independent recruiting agencies and is especially built to source passive candidates and engage them. 

Check it out. 

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