Typically, I write about interesting experiences and how I can relate them to business or my work or just my life. I do this because it helps me clarify these experiences and realistically relate to them in a purposeful way. It is usually a methodical process but sometimes it just happens and the words flow out of me in a way that all I really have to do is control where they drop on the page. It is usually extremely cathartic. Words have become my best friends.

There are times, however, when it is difficult to write, mostly because what is rolling around in my head should just stay in my head. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to send them out to the world to read, to rip apart.  These words usually turn around and around in my head or become some obscure poetry that only I know about.  Years later, they may make it into a blog, but you never know...

Here's the thing, inspiration can come in any form and sometimes it just takes recognizing it. The writing mind is just like any other muscle or exercise - you have to work it in order to get better at it and you have to train your eyes to see beyond the simple picture. That fight in the parking lot between a husband and wife may trigger a series on getting along in the work place. A question you read on LinkedIn or Facebook may spark a series on leadership. A garden truck in traffic becomes a metaphor for workplace distractions. A sunrise inspires a post about second chances.

There are opportunities all around to build a story or break down an issue based on your own concerns. A family reunion, a weekend away, walking a dog, picking up the mail - all turn into a chance to explore the world we face and what each happening means to our work and life. It isn't always easy and sometimes the posts that feel like I have gestated for nine months producing a horribly painful birth are usually the best ones. Born of pain; delivered with principle.

Whether you choose to share the most private or tenderly expose a past hurt, much healing and learning will fall in line as a result. It is also a way to shed that hurt and heal through exploration. We all face moments that test our ethics, that shoot a hole in our motivation, that de-inspire, that cause tremendous sorrow or remarkable joy. Remembering through writing, recording through posting are both possible, are - for me now - necessary. It is good to remember the sources of each experience of growth, the roots of delight. They light the path. And you don't need batteries.

Back to write again - another day.

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Nice read, we spoke last week....


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