This is my first time starting a discussion --hopefully it won't bore everyone to tears!

I started this under the Category of Recruiting Rants with the idea of blasting Bountyjobs and wishing it to the toastiest part of hell. But in all fairness my company is very niche oriented and perhaps some of you have had better recruiting success with this particular vehicle.

Backstory: Bounty approached me about a year ago to test run and become a part of their site --I watched the demo and ran a couple searches out of it -- How in the world I thought I was going to do quality searches with limited information, almost no access to anyone with current information and competing with 20 other recruiters is beyond me. Must have been having brain cramps. I have avoided the entire Bounty system for a long time, but recently an HR person from a giant in the Chemical Industry (my favorite niche) informed me that his director was pushing hard to make the entire company use Bounty exclusively --my contact told me "I'm used to driving a Porshe and they want me to get by with this piece of @#$# Pinto). Guess I better take a second look -- (ok I'll be honest --occassionally I throw in a candidate if I see a pd that fits someone on my desk -- but that doesn't feel much like recruiting to me --more like darts...or pin the tail on the donkey)

So my discussion topic or question or whatever is..Does anyone like Bountyjobs and if so how do you recruit effectively in that arena --maybe I am poorly educated, misinformed or just not creative enough ..go ahead ..tell me so..I can take it :) --Let's talk about (

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You might want to do a track through the other discussions as well. There are a few other discussions going on regarding BountyJobs good/bad and questions.
Thanks Shannon, guess I should have "looked before I leapt"....oh well here's to duplication of efforts.... :)

Shannon Myers said:
You might want to do a track through the other discussions as well. There are a few other discussions going on regarding BountyJobs good/bad and questions.
I have not heard a lot of good thing about You have to be referred by someone just to take a look at their system. No one calls you back from Bountyjobs. Once you get into their system you need to ask permission from the manager if you can work on a job? Plus they way they got started in the industry was they took and copied the concept from I am not sure how ethical they are when it come to doing business? Just my opinion and what I have heard from other recruiters.

Thank you for your response --it is great to hear of your success...May I ask what industry you are recruiting in and what part of your "business plan" does Bounty work play --are you growing a loyal client base through the system --I remember when I did my walk through the rep. mentioned that as you worked within the system you would become a recognized name in your niche and clients would seek you out and engage you. Have you found this to be the case?

By the way I have no issue with the people at Bounty..I AM mainly interested in how this type of system ...whether it be Bounty, Dyack or one of the new ones, works for recruiters. I checked in on Bounty just today and noticed lots of very low fees...10%.15%.. yikes

How much time and original research are you able to put into a Bounty search ...or do you only take a search if you know you have someone in your pocket who is a pretty good fit?

?J Stedman, CPC said:
I am a certified personnel consultant (CPC) (headhunter) with over 15 years recruiting experience.

I first heard about BountyJobs in October of 2007 while I was in Baghdad, Iraq serving as a mobilized US Army Reserve officer assigned to Multi National Corps - Iraq (Task Force Troy) Camp Victory.

I placed a telephone call from my work station at the Al Faw Palace to learn more about BountyJobs and what I needed to do to become a registered recruiter.

From that first call to this day I have found everyone at BountyJobs to be an absolute delight to work with.

I've made a couple of placements and had a candidate turn down an offer. My placements and turn down are not important. What is important is the level of respect, dignity and professional I receive from everyone I encounter at BountyJobs.

It is my humble assessment BountyJobs in their own unique way, aspires to greatness. I am confident everyone at BountyJobs really wants everyone associated with the organization to succeed. For both Employer and Headhunter it is truly a win-win situation.

In closing, the leadership of the company is extremely competent. They combine education, experience and skills that send a message to the recruiting industry that they really know what they are doing.

BountyJobs is doing it very well. I salute them. I only wish I would have thought of it.
Hey it just possible that you feel the way you do about Bounty Jobs because you happen to know the folks at TalentHire intimately? I see that on your their site you happen to be a spokesperson. Nice.
Looks moderately interesting as a stream to offload candidates those excellent candidates that are sat on your desk but you're without any of the usual 25% avenues to send them down...

Seems that it's only referrals that can join however so I've never been able to road-test it!
Hi Richard I was just giving my opinion and feed back from what I have heard in the industry? These opinions or feedback are from other recruiters who have used Bounty Jobs. I have heard success stories and negative stories about Bounty Jobs not everyone like Talent Hire either? I have respect for my recruiting associates and want them to be successful. I also have respect for companies who are entrepreneurial like a Talenthire or a Bounty Jobs to go out and build a successful organization in today’s market place with all the competition that is out there? If what they are doing works for them then congratulations.

I personally do not care if they use or as long as they are successful. I have been recruiting for 15 plus years and am open to finding new ways of making money in the recruiting industry. At the end of the day our company needs to help people find jobs. It does not matter what vehicle we use or they use as long as it is effective and ethical.

To your question about Talent Hire and my association with them is yes I do know some of the guys over there. I do not work for them or have any ownership. They are stand up guys and ethical. They represent a good product and concept. Our company has had a lot of success using On the other hand if I cannot give my opinion or feed back from my recruiting associate that have use Bounty Jobs or any other companies then maybe this network group is not for me? Richard are you the owner of Bounty Jobs or do you work for them? If so I wish you all the success in the world. Thank you.
Hi Robin
I understand your furstration with Bounty. That's how I felt when I first started working with them. I know I am a good and honest recruiter. It is hard recruiting or introducing a candidate when you don't have that one on one attachment. However with the economy being the way it is I had to open my door to diffrent types of placements. I have had good luck with the people at Bounty. I haven't heard of any recruiter not being paid. The firms are responsible for what they offer as far as job information and sadly some firms don't understand how much better a response they will get if they give more detailed information, but you know how some clients can be. I stuck with it for a year. I would go on their site and ask for engagement knowing I had the perfect applicant and they would decline me. After going on and off for the last year its started to work for me. I like the client or clients through bounty that I work with. They email me back with information or give their phone numbers so we can talk. For those who don't give the communication, I won't work for them. There are those firms that do get back to you much later. Sadly its 2 months later, but I now know who they are and they are worth working with. Keep trying I haven't worked for the other firm you mentioned so I can't give you my feed back on them.
Hope that Helps,

My experience with the folks at Bountyjobs has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite being a bit short staffed especially with the uptick in biz they have been super response to any of our questions/concerns from the CEO on down. I only have used BountyJobs with one my clients where I work exclusively on the jobs "private bounty". As such, I already have direct access to the hiring managers etc. I still would not hesitate to keep my eyes open on BJ for any Canadian bounties even if it means giving up 25% of the fee. Not sure I would work a search nearly as hard and nor are the companies likely expecting that. But as a place to run a solid applicant you do not have a role for, no problem. I have also been consistently payed on time. I wish my other suppliers were as open to listening to and responding to constructive feedback.


The barriers to developing relationships in Bountyjobs are no different that any other real world attempt to push into a large new client. You will get out of BJ what you put into it. I agree it's a smart avenue for both client and recruiters to better monitize strong people that one has but no existing marketplace for. I also suspect that those that are simply trying to do quick hits without paying real attention to quality etc are going to be treated with the same level of professionalism they demonstrate. Again, no different that the real world.

We had a client that went to this "Vendor" and to me it looks like you are giving Bounty acess to your candidates with no assurance you will get credit.  It appears to be a round about means of sourcing candates for Bounty. Needless to say, we no longer fill jobs for that client and to my knowledge they have no had great results with it. I am at aloss to see the value of this to the recruiting firm.

Hi Thomas, but 3 quick responses to your Q's:


1. The major value to an agency is bizdev. In short, if you have a good niche and a target list of companies in that niche you'd like to market your candidates to but can't penetrate due to closed vendor lists, Bounty is a good way for both sides to make that happen. In return, yes, we take a biz dev fee of 25%. The employers like it because it's an effective way to evaluate agencies and engage with them w/o the cold calls. Some agencies like it because it typically adds about 30% revenue to thier business thru employers they had never met.


2. We don't source candidates directly for Bounty, even in a "round about way", and we don't let employers do it either. It is a way for employers to find, engage and work with agencies. From time to time, people insist it's a shady way for someone (me, employers, the unilateral commission...) to gather resumes. Just not true. We have several safeguards to ensure the agency "gets credit" and I'm happy to have someone describe them.


3. Many companies (espcially larger ones that send many roles to search) will turn to us as a way to manage jobs sent to headhunters. It makes it simpler, we handle all payment, it does away with contracts, and it gets them great agencies and candidates to boot.


If you'd like more info, just send me a message. If you'd like to debate some of what I said, happy to do that as well. I'm not trying to convince people in these forums that Bounty is the end all, but some of the info that had been passed around about Bounty 18 months ago (the source for alot of these rumors) is just not correct and I got feedback from last week's Animal show that we should take a more active role in responding.


Mike Hard

Thanks I appreciate the reply. In our niche, higher education, the process makes no sense to us. I could not think of one advantage to us as a search firm, but could see how Bounty benefits from our efforts. Thus we don't work with client that us this service. It has not impacted our business in a negative way at all. I'm not conviced Bounty has any value for us as an Executive Search firm.

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