This is my first time starting a discussion --hopefully it won't bore everyone to tears!

I started this under the Category of Recruiting Rants with the idea of blasting Bountyjobs and wishing it to the toastiest part of hell. But in all fairness my company is very niche oriented and perhaps some of you have had better recruiting success with this particular vehicle.

Backstory: Bounty approached me about a year ago to test run and become a part of their site --I watched the demo and ran a couple searches out of it -- How in the world I thought I was going to do quality searches with limited information, almost no access to anyone with current information and competing with 20 other recruiters is beyond me. Must have been having brain cramps. I have avoided the entire Bounty system for a long time, but recently an HR person from a giant in the Chemical Industry (my favorite niche) informed me that his director was pushing hard to make the entire company use Bounty exclusively --my contact told me "I'm used to driving a Porshe and they want me to get by with this piece of @#$# Pinto). Guess I better take a second look -- (ok I'll be honest --occassionally I throw in a candidate if I see a pd that fits someone on my desk -- but that doesn't feel much like recruiting to me --more like darts...or pin the tail on the donkey)

So my discussion topic or question or whatever is..Does anyone like Bountyjobs and if so how do you recruit effectively in that arena --maybe I am poorly educated, misinformed or just not creative enough ..go ahead ..tell me so..I can take it :) --Let's talk about (

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Is Bountyjobs good or bad?   I guess that depends how you want to look at it.  Is it for everyone?  No.  It is good for someone who wants to try to get into recruiting independant from a staffing company..   It takes out the sales aspect of recruiting.   You just have to become engaged to work on a Bouny.   You only need find the talent to fill the job.   Once you become engaged, there are times you can talk to the manager.   I used it when I was working independantly.   I thought it was a great tool.    I can go out and get business if I want, but I wanted to focus on the recruiting.   Starting out, it was nice to know that there is already business out there and all you have to do is recruit.   It can take sometime if you are starting out and you need to get business and recruit.  This is a great tool.


Of course the staffing companies aren't going to like it because it might take business away from them.  However; there is no way that it will replace staffing companies that are really good.  The companies that don't provide good talent may need to watch out.


Who cares if the took an idea from Talenthire?   It isn't like there aren't multiple ATS's around.   It isn't unethical to take someone's idea, expand on it, and make it successful.  


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