I've been reading of late about the "end of the recession" woo hoo! I've heard people excitedly talking about a return to Business as Usual.

What in the world is that?

Is it a real thing that we would recognise? When have we had this before?

Aren't we coming out the end of a bust... which followed an extended BOOM... ??


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Did you borrow this entire section of your post from another source? It's just very different in writing, composition and content style compared to your other posts under this topic. Just curious!

KarenM said:
it took nearly a decade for the economies of many great nations to stabilize after the great depression; Since this recession/depression/panic is a carbon copy of the other (1st the Crash of market, several years later came the falling of the financial institutions, due to fraud; and yeah, construction, housing, and auto took a beating even then....)

maybe we should learn from history, and see if we can
A) avoid repeating history's mistakes
b) duplicate what was right
C) determine what is coming and understand the process..

Will we recognise?
Many of the jobs lost are gone forever, but, there will be new jobs created. Hopefully many of those who are unemployed will realize that the job or even the industry they have tomorrow, isn't even probably invented yet, and are keeping their eyes on the future, and with the trends, becoming better educated in those areas..

Hopefully, we will not be building the upside down pyramid again.. or consider sand castles to be structurally sound.. hopefully we can learn from this mess and realize that that boom was just a wet dream.. the gal, like the houses, the jobs, the riches, they never really existed.. they were all a dream, and we made the mess all by ourselves..
Whilst entertaining reading... and all before my first coffee may I add..

Where there answers in here? :)
We're all hearing about the end of the recession, and the return of good times because the media wants us to think that the gov't as it's currently constituted knows what the heck it's doing.

gotta boost those presidential approval numbers somehow..
Karen, Sandra...You guys are ruining this website, I never really come on here any more because I don't really want to read you two bickering back and forth.

To the OP, I think the economy has definitely turned, we are out of the recession, economic data that gets released soon will show an uptick...I think a recession is defined as negative growth in the GDP for two consecutive quarters, and I think we're out of it. That would leave this recession somewhere in the neighborhood of a 20 month one, since it began in Dec. 07'.

Unemployment will remain high for another 12 months as companies slowly start to add headcount again, but I know that my desk has been packed for the last month with reqs, I really think the market started to turn in May, that's when I noticed more activity in the industry as a whole...Although my specialty is biotech/pharma/devices/DX, which is a very strong industry compared to some others.

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