We have a great variety of industries and organizations that use our software in very unique ways; from non-profit organizations and educational institutions to corporate power users. Below you will find case studies we have conducted showcasing unique issues and needs our customers were able to solve with help from the CATS Applicant Tracking System.
Click to download any of the pdf's and share them with your connections.
Download (pdf) Case Study - Conservation Corps

Louie went to meet with Carissa and James at the Conservation Corps headquarters here in Minnesota to learn about how this environmental sustainability group keeps their programs packed with passionate young individuals. Download the study to see how CATS helps this team get away from the fax machine and back in the field, building relationships with the people they serve.

Download (pdf) Case Study - THINK Together

THINK Together has been growing exponentially since teaming up with CATS in 2007. The team at THINK Together worked with the original developers at CATS and influenced the development of many system features available now. Download the study to see how this partnership has helped THINK Together come to serve over 75,000 K-12 students across California.

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Ok buddy, this is a blatant ad.  If every software vendor posted things like this the whole site would be just a stream of software promotion.  Please cut it out or buy an ad and pay for promotion of your case studies and products. 
Sandra, this discussion forum is listed as a place for vendors to post updates, check the description on the forums page. I put it exactly where it should be.

Sandra - I really appreciate you (and others) taking the role of Ad police. I can only do so much and such blatant advertisement content is not welcomed in the blog section (nor a link only post). In between running my desk I do my best to keep things clean, but Louis did put this in the right place.  We wanted to have a section of the RBC for vendors to share press releases and such, and for members that do not care to read such information know exactly where to avoid. By the way I am waiting on my 360 review - call me.


Louis - in saying that, I would welcome the opportunity to review the marketing options we have available. Message me when time allows.

Point well made.  Just very tired of the ads that show up in the activity stream constantly.  Perhaps if vendors have their spot to post the ads could just be put there and not clutter up the activity stream.


Will call you shortly.

Did someone mention CATS?...here's a couple of Cool CATS....

Cats are whores!

@Lewis...sorry to be hijacking your discussion subject...but you started it when you said, "CATS".


@Bill,  Thanks for the CAT video...but it made me thirsty....


@Sandra....Buzz kill.

Valentino, trust me, we share the most ridiculous cats stuff around here. We don't take ourselves too seriously, unlike some members of this community.


Sandra, I saw a promotional blog article from SmartSearch! Sick 'em!

LOL, dang Louis i missed it but it's not my week to watch em'  :)

For the record i was not referring to your "CATS" when i said Cats are whores.  My little cat buddies delight in posting cat pictures anytime they can after i posted a blog about herding cats.  That is why Tino did his "buzz kill".  They do it all the time on other threads.  They are just messin with you with their cat pictures and waiting to get a rise out me about their damn cat pictures.  I am by far the most ridiculous person i know so sorry if you thought i was biting you.  My earlier bite in this thread was reactive on my part and you did post this where it should have been, i thought it had been posted in the general forum so get your feelers back where they belong and carry on.  Mea Culpa, You have posted some good info lately.


For the record, I like cats have a barn full of them.  To clarify, cats are whores in that they are only friendly when they want to be ,unlike a dog.


Oh and Lewis, it's sic em.  But that may have been a freudian slip.  :)  I have been known to "sick "em' too.

Wow. Sandra, that was rather lovely. I got defensive and I thank you for your elegant clarification, and the linguistics lesson, truth.

You're a hell of a character and I've seen your fangs around here. I know you've been in this game a while and I'm a total rookie. Your opinion carries weight and I really appreciate you taking time to "fill in the new guy".

Oh and Sandra, it's Louis, and always capitalize your "I"'s when speaking in first person ;)

I am in fact a character aka funny old bitch most of the time.  Damn i hate apologizing twice in the same thread. I even checked the spelling of your name then typed it wrong.


Now let me splain something to you pup, i don't capitalize i's and i will tell you why i don't.  It's a writing style that i adopted years ago when it became apparant that i needed to get my own ego in order.  So every time i write a lower case i it reminds me that i am not as damn neat as i sometimes think i am.  But thanks for noticing, i like telling the story of the little "i".  i truly don't believe my opinion carries any weight, i have just been around so long that i have a lot of opinions and old enough that i don't care if anybody agrees with them or not.  :)  It a nice place to be, one just wakes up one day and thinks, "aw hogwash" and says so then goes back to work.

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