As a result of my knee jerk, fit throwing rant about a recruiter who thinks it's  totally neat, fun and wonderful to brag about having 27 profiles on Facebook , 26 of them bogus and phony,so he can get into networks that are restricted to local cities, my email has been a steady stream of people coming out of the woodwork  agreeing that they think it's a scummy, lowlife thing to do. But thank you for letting us know what you are all about.  It's always nice to know who to stay away from.


I am sure his email steam has been full of adoring fellows who think being bogus is totally wonderful if it gets them into places and connected with people that they would not otherwise be able to reach without a little more effort.


People are reporting that there is a career counselor who is coaching candidates to set up bogus  company profiles on Linkedin showing themselves as the CEO or a VP so they will be contacted by recruiters. or companies.  May they be contacted by a bogus recruiter, a big dose of kismet and karma for both of you.


Another person has reported that there is  a recruiter in the DFW area who prides herself on having set up 50 bogus profiles on Linkedin  which she then uses to make recommendations of her services.. oh honey, that is just too pitiful, may you marry another lying narcissist.

And the list goes on and on.  Since the coming of age of the internet (and before albeit it was not quite as easy)  the ease for sleaze, scams, cons, lies and misrepresentations  has become an art form unto it's self.  I have spent 35 years in this industry fighting the crappy reputation that recruiters have earned due to the scammers, slammers, cowboys and crooks.. I shall not stop now calling bullshit on scams, what else would you call a bogus  profile. A fun time avatar?

We scream to the rafters about being professionals, being respected for what we do, building trust with our candidates and clients.  We bitch our heads off about candidates who lie on their resumes, lie about their educational background.  We beat the drum loudly about transparency, authenticity.  We rail because our clients do not have enough respect for us to give us feedback or return our cold calls.  Are we in any position to ask for trust, respect and to be treated as professionals if we think it's fine to set up bogus profiles......for any reason.


Do we then say, well the rules are silly about phony profiles so it's ok and in fact gee that's a cool idea.


I can't control what anybody else does or how they run their business but i can certainly make it known loud and clear that it is my humble opinion if you can't make it as a recruiter whithout setting up bogus profiles to connect with people, if you can't get a real recommendation without setting up bogus profiles then recommending yourself  you should really consider selling used cars  that don't run or sign up for an email scam to con people into sending you their social security number. or consider credit card fraud. Fraud is  fraud. Be it a job that does not exist or a phony profile.

As i said on twitter this  morning.  "A lie, just like a rose by any other name is still a rose and a lie.  So if you need to lie to make a living or be a big shot go for it but be advised, there are a lot of us who think you are scum and the reason our industry has a bad name in a lot of venues..


If your take is that i am being "holier than thou" by calling bogus business  practices bogus.  Thank you for the compliment.  And i wish you 50 bogus resumes  in a row  by some other bogus recruiter just like you trying to find out where your job is  so they can call your client.  You deserve each other.  I loathe your types, you pollute an industry that deserves better. I wish St. Patrick had done a better job with the snakes.  He missed a few it seems.

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@ Bill, i didn't mean that you were covering anything up, i was just being cute.


As to NYC  you are correct.  I have been told that my life expectancy in the city would be about 15 minutes, I smile and say hello to people i don't know.  I have worked on some positions that were based there and finally figured out that the best kind of call was to dial the number and ask the receptionist if i could speak that that asshole who was over the North east sales territory.  When one put my through i almost fainted.  I thought it was so bizzare that after he deigned to speak with me for a minute or two because of my Texas accent, i told him what i had done.  He thought it was hilarious.  We got to be pretty good pals over the next few months.  He would call and leave me this message, "This is the asshole over the NE territory, call me i may have somebody for you."

I am a little late to the comment party but wanted to just add a small comment....If they are spending so much time creating bogus profiles and recomending themselves how do they find time to recruit?...oh yeah that's right they aren't recruiting they are cherry picking for the low hanging fruit....These tactics drive me crazy, excellent post Sandra!!!

Thanks Stuart, I think this kind of crap really irritates good recruiters. Then the phonies turn around and blog about how wonderful they are..see just check out all my recommendations on LinkedIn. Only one of the reasons that LinkedIn recs don't mean much to anyone.

I caught one in Denver putting up bogus profiles. The profile looked just a little too good to be true so I sent an in mail giving the person the name of a client in Denver. It was not 20 minutes until a recruiter called my client trying to get a job order. Client was in on it so gave him a bogus job listing. Let him bust his butt for about two weeks digging up candidates for a wonderful job, then told him that the job was on the same status as the profile of "John Doe" on LinkedIn. The guy sort of choked and asked him what he meant. My client told him to figure it out. Never heard from the recruiter again but got a couple of calls from candidates a few weeks later saying they had not been able to reach the recruiter. They were told that the recruiter had gotten incorrect information by using a bogus linkedin profile and had been dropped.

No it wasn't fair to candidates but they sure learned what kind of recruiter they were working with. Go ahead and try phony it might come back around and bite you. Some nasty old recruiters know how to break an egg sucking dog by hanging a dead chicken around their neck.

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