Or "talent acquisition" as the Human Resource world loves to call it. Is it just me or has the model seemed to take over the market place we deal in? Everywhere I turn I seem to hear nothing but, "you have to call so and so in corporate recruiting".


And what's with these so called Talent Aquisition folks that are failed recruiters, using the line "I used to work your side of the desk, so I know the deal", to just then treat you like garbage, never return calls or emails, and leave you hanging in cyber space....


Is it just me or has our client based added so much red tape becuase they feel this is the new way for them to save money? Is this a by product of the 2006-2008 market spike? Is this model here to stay? if so, how do we "just get along"? If not, how long before the model collapses on itself.


Things I seem to see in our ever changing world is the disconnect between client and candidate expectations? clients wanting 110% of what is on the Job Order and candidates wanting to make two jumps in salaries now that the market is growing warmer.....


I still see a huge lack of talent in my industry (Energy and Oil and Gas) but the market does not seem to reflect it. Orders are growing but our service is being pushed to commodity status by the larger client base.


And God forbid the actual process length....it is now what 8-12 weeks maybe to get a hire? up to a month for feedback? Does anyone see this lack of urgency across the board? what will change this mindset?


My rant on our market as I see it....hope it changes, if not, we'd better learn how to work in it.



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Might get a better reception if you didn't have a pic that looks like Larry the cable guy. :)  Sorry i am sure you are a sharp looking guy i just happen to hate baseball caps and sunglasses pics unless somebody has the name bubba.
Sorry, I don't have any formal pictures on this computer and I'm a southerner from Louisiana we all wear baseball caps at some point. So let's not stereo type all us "bubbas" please. Plus I would never go in front of my clients that way so the comment is really not applicable to the conversation. Try again.

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