I recently read a report that appeared on cnet.com of the top ten must-have gadgets. It must have been written prior to the HP slash Palm announcement, for the Palm Pre was listed as one of the gadgets. Or HP paid big money to have the Pre kept on or added to the bottom of the list. A tech shake-up such as this recent acquisition is bound to not only raise eyebrows but many a question. What is the future of Palm? What about those that opted for the Pre instead of just going with the majority and caving for the iPhone? I'm not saying Palm is done, but rather asking..., is it?

There has been a significant amount of discussion in my world about the next big technology and will it affectively change the workings of the recruiting industry? Is Twitter it? Not if many of my contacts have anything to say about it. Frankly, I am baffled by the denial of its effect and/or the desire to run wildly screaming from it. Not only has it made a noteworthy difference in how I do business but my circle of friends increases daily. And these are not just connections on LinkedIn or other business network, most are individuals I converse with daily, or exchange ideas with, or argue with, or with whom I pass ideas or share grievances, or intolerances or rants or with whom I collaborate or simply get to know.

I don't think Twitter is the be-all, end-all in new social media tech but I do think its influence and impact are far greater than initially anticipated. The collision between the Twitter search function, pin-pointed and targeted, and the desire for instant feedback/communication is real. This isn't a story made up by some social media guru that claims to be an expert and will convince the millions that Twitter is the tech fountain of youth. I know it's real because I have reaped the benefits of its minimalistic functionality.

I have met people that think the same way I do, as well as those that despise my beloved industry. I have met and chatted with mentors such at Tom Peters. I have learned of the plights of those caught in a recent flood, or volcano ash cloud, or devastating earthquake. I have seen book promotions, blog references, genius quotes by famous people and not-so-famous people. I have met individuals that have become my friends. I have watched job seekers "work it" and recruiters do the same. I have fallen prey to repeating a hoax - #notrealstory - like Jeff Goldblum falling to his death last summer - the rumors of his deadly fall were greatly exaggerated.

And I have met people that find great joy in helping others, in embracing the spirit of giving back, or watching cultures and continents crash in what can only be now deemed as a global mash-up. I am truly fascinated by this phenomenon and know that what it contributes to the speed and ease of communication will definitely change the way we do business. Until an alien embeds a chip in my head to read my every thought, Twitter will have to suffice.

By the way, there was no mention of Twitter in the top ten list. It's not a gadget, I know, but many believe it to be a novelty. Pending the arrival of a toy surprise, it will always be serious stuff for me.

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How much time during the work day would you estimate you spend on Twitter, participating in conversations, etc? I'm still trying to learn how to best use it. As you hinted at, it is addictive. When I first started using it, I had a twhirl app sitting on my desktop streaming in my twitter feed and dinging every few seconds to let me know there were new tweets to view. I loved it, but found myself losing time, sucked in to various conversations and drawn from one interesting link to another. I could spent hours on Twitter if I let myself. So I guess my question is how does one integrate Twitter, enough to participate and grow these Twitter relationships, without negatively impacting the time one needs to spend working?

My solution so far has been to just not go there during the day, maybe check in before and after work, otherwise it's just too tempting and the clock is ticking away. As much as I liked the little twhirl app, it's been retired, no longer dinging away in the corner of my desktop. :)
Is Twitter interesting? You bet it is. Is it a "must have" in your recruiting arsenal?

When I read through your list of great things you've found there - I see no mention of clients. Sorry - but I need clients. I don't need stories of heroism, pet tragedies, volcano info, quotes, book reviews or any other headline that might find fancy among the many in my Twitter stream.

The stuff is just highly "off focus" - there is no other way to describe it.

For a recruiter to feel they need to somehow soak in all the info being blasted randomly throughout the day is highly misinformed.

Twiiter sucks for recruiting. Period. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

Are there random stories of someone, somewhere, wrangling a candidate from the depths of Twitter? Sure there are. Is it one of the top 10 ways to recruit? Hell (can I say that?) no!

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