Junk mail. It fills your mail box at home - still - and can usually be recycled: great for starting fires. Spam. About the same, it fills your inbox but that’s about it, there is little recycling involved. I spend a considerable amount of time everyday deleting spam and/or clicking "unsubscribe." It seems to just be part of the e-zone. Part of what comes with being linked to companies that embrace the email marketing.
I’m just wondering, with all things interneteMarketing – what are your thoughts? Do you read those emails from Taleo? Or even from RecruitingBlogs that come daily or weekly because at some point you gave the ok by submitting your email address and agreeing to receipt.

Here it is: I am a big fan of the delete button, as my six inboxes are consistently full. And yet, I still have thousands of emails in storage somewhere. It's a good thing that cyber space does not have a capacity limit. Storing data, removing data, creating data - a price is attached. Whether that price is counted in time or space is another story.

I just asked a question of a friend that is a Tech Director. Will we ever run out of cyberspace? he said, "No, because it isn't real." This I knew but it scares me. Our world is quickly leaning toward completely revolving around something that isn't real. Even with the limitless capacity of the real estate we all plot our cyber lives, what about servers, what about the energy used to produce and maintain knowledge in the cloud?

There must be limits. Maybe the limits are found in our own brains. The ability to constantly innovate may be at risk. And may be not. Will one man, a new man always be able to run faster than the fastest man from last year? Will a new tech company always be able to out-maneuver, out-create the top company from last year?
My brain is consumed with, "What is next?" Where is Ray Bradbury when you need him?

by rayannethorn

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Read a funny comment somewhere the other day, don't remember where so can't give credit but it was something like: 

Re blogging and social media and the internet.  Never in the history of civilization have so many written so much that so few gave a damn about. 

 Maybe we will just become a world of avataurs where nothing is real or reality becomes unreality.  The cloud, the cloud.  We are all just spam on the cloud.  :)  A place where thousands say a thing is so and thousands more spend their time telling them they don't know what they are talking about, then thousands more spend their time agreeing with one or the other.  Information highway indeed, more like a garbage dump of misinformation that one has to "go to the net "to research and then it starts over.

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