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(Jan.30, 2009) Amitai Givertz, Mr. Recruitomatic, works tirelessly to aerate the featured content on RBC. Ami, as he is known to his friends, compiles the daily feature articles and his exhaustive "best of the week" collections. His blog here on RBC is an inventory of the great posts that top the site each day.

Ami is widely known for content density (he's really smart), link mania (his stuff is heavily annotated with really useful pointers). a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor (bless Mother for that), limitless intensity (at last count, seven observable blogs), passion and dogged persistence. He has been in and around the recruiting industry since before the first sailor was shanghaied. He recently won the Recruiting Animal's 2008 award for Recruitosphere Excellence. It sits on his trophy shelf alongside his Mikey’s Monkey Award from 2006.

These days, Ami is turning the world upside down with his humbly named Brown Bag Recruiter program. The innocuously titled webinars are the gateway to Recruiting mastery. Like a bottle of Absinthe, the seminars are deliciously mind expanding. Ami has discovered an enormous cache of riches and is busily trying to give them away to any recruiter who wants them.

Ami's webinars show you how to crack the code. Using Google accounts and Google toolkits, the programs teach recruiters to construct astonishingly rich and complex resume databases. Rather than focusing on hitting a home run like some search seminars, Ami teaches the virtue of looking ahead. Building an arsenal of data that can be reused and renewed is the ultimate object of the class.

Here's the upcoming schedule. You'll be glad you made the investment. Each webinar is $45 and lasts a generous hour. The entire series price is $95


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who doesn't like absinthe...


peach out.

John, thanks for such a flattering post.

I shall quote you often...as will Mother.
I had the opportunity to meet Ami at SourceCon last year. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the tools and information he provided after you take one of his webinars to implement his training effectively.

Thanks, Ami, for all that you do!
I get to work with Ami everyday and it's a lot of fun so thanks and John, thanks for bringing awareness to him.

I have to send Ami a shout-out as well. He's the kind of person you listen and pay attention to because his way of looking at things is uniquely insightful.

After attending one of his 'Brown Bag' sessions when they first kicked off (the inaugural one, I believe), I left the online video session with the same type of feeling I did after sitting in a lecture with an absolutely outstanding professor. You know a class or training session has left its mark when, weeks later, you recall certain comments and points . . . and they suddenly come together stronger than they did before.

So, what I'd recommend is this: If you have a chance to speak with Ami (or listen to him speak), tune in. I mean in a big way. Work out that morning - be prepared to mentally engage. Take notes; discuss; debate; grow. His content is such that your superconscious will work on it (in fact, I remember applauding his use of imagery as it's apparent he understands the neuroscience of training).

The more you come prepared to take away, the more you will.

Great job, Ami.
I endorse Brown Bag Recruiting. Ami invited me to sit in on a number of his sessions so that I could critique them for him and I did so, visciously. For some reason I can't get him to talk exactly like me but I learned more than I expected. He tells you how to do some basic stuff with boolean (which is as much as the average person is going to remember) and how to manage it - which is important.

As a matter of fact, during one of our follow up conversations he told me that I wasn't managing my bookmarks properly and after seeing what he did with his I knew he was right and made some significant changes.
I attended a few of Ami's "Brown Bag Recruiter" webinars, and thought they were excellent. Ami really knows the search engines and how to utilize them, especially with Google. His "G-Recruiting" training is loaded with good information for recruiters and sourcers. I highly recommend checking them out.
I've also attended several Ami sessions along the way, and I'm a big fan. The kickoff session for Brown Bag Recruiter was webcast from Fort Lauderdale last year, and I think it drew about 80 people in person (at breakfast, no less!). Every time I hear Ami speak I learn something I didn't know about tools and tricks of the trade for recruiters, and when I least expect it I bump into yet another bit of brilliance he's published out on the internet (here's a great example I found online just today). Thank you, John, for shining a spotlight on Ami - for all he gives to the recruiting community at large - and recruiters in specific - he deserves to be recognized.
I just took Ami's full G-Recruiting workshop yesterday and I couldn't believe the wealth of information that he provided for the cost. In fact, the tools he presented here (which are free of charge to use) will return the investment hundreds of times over. I can't recommend this workshop highly enough!
It's gratifying to see everyone turning out for Ami.
Unsung hero is absolutely correct. Ami has been a great friend, mentor, and personal coach to me. Anyone who knows him will agree that he's incredibly articulate and a deep-thinker with a passion for lively discussion. I have met a lot of recruiting professionals in my time but Ami is just one of those individuals that stands out above the crowd. I have personally learned more from Ami than I could ever give back in return. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to meet or chat with Ami, I would encourage you to do so. He's an open-networker and always open for discussion.

As John mentions, Ami is doing some fantastic things around leveraging Google applications as a "one-stop-shop" (free) recruiting desktop that has yet to be matched by anyone in the industry. Impressive stuff... check it out.
John's posting is not an understatement. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Ami's G-Recruiting Digest and am eagerly looking forward to the 3 follow up sessions. Ami has uncovered an extremely advanced and powerful combination of secrets and has effectively found a way to leverage what's out there for free to creatively supercharge a recruiter's toolkit. His friendliness, modesty and generosity to share his genius, make him a pleasure to learn from and an unparalleled asset to this field!

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