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(December 05, 2008) How many times can you say "Please keep the job postings on the job board." Maybe this would be clearer: "When you put your jobs in the blogs or the forums, you make the place less useful to the people who inhabit it".

I suppose you could say that "posting jobs anywhere but on the job board is rude and inconsiderate". You might frame it as "Anyone who doesn't take the time to understand RBC before posting risks looking like the morons who post their jobs in the blogs and forums".

How about "Not using the job board for your jobs is like not using the toilet to pee."

One might opine "The fastest way to ruin your credibility on RBC is by posting jobs in the Forum or Blogs'" You could imagine a geek saying, "You can tell the defectives by the way that they post jobs in the blogs and forums". (Maybe that means we should have a new membership category:Private Defective".)

Marketing consultants note: "Want to destroy your personal brand? Post your jobs in the blogs and forums on RBC." Control freaks and parental types would assert, "Don't post jobs in the forums and blogs of RBC."

A small sign reading "Post No Jobs" may communicate the notion more clearly. Or, some high minded citizen could take the time to explain this principle in a variety of ways.

It's really pretty simple. There's a job board. That's where you post "jobs and opportunities".


There is "catch 50 50" where you are caught between a "rock and a high place".

No one wants RBC to become one of those dysfunctional social settings buried in laminated signs that proclaim "Your mommy doesn't work here'" or repeated enjoinders to "Flush Twice." Obsessive labeling of cabinets, walls, doors and other surfaces with harsh directives always shows that an organization is in decline. We really don't need additional rule makers, and hall monitors in our neighborhood.

Anyone who wants the job of manners police is immediately disqualified.

There's a bigger question, I think: How do we articulate the RBC norms and customs without seeming preachy or unfriendly. Being inclusive is a great idea, how do you do it when you're irritated by bad behavior? What do you think is the best way to convey the effective use of our community?

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I had started what I was calling FAQ's. Sort of a road map of how the site works and where things are at. In part a way for Jason not to have to answer the same question three times a day. I was also thinking of User Tips like fill out the profile, here is where to find events, and yes the job board.

What do you think, is that possible without sounding like rules or guidelines?

Would that have value? If so, will get back to work on it.
I like the Frequently Asked Questions page idea. Maybe starting from a point of "they don't know nuthin'" stance and including things like:
How to copy and past (using Paste Special/Unformatted Text) Yes, Matilda, I (yes, me! the TechnoIdiot) have to teach people how to do this (can you believe it?) so they can set up sourcing jobs properly when I'm doing my onsite training!
How to set a link
How to make a video (I don't know)
How to do a webinar (I don't know this either)
How to contribute - encourage them to write! (Maybe we could use a Writing Tutorial once a week here? For those who want to learn to write/express themselves better.)

Let's maybe think of this site as a learning site - what kind of things are available in schools?
Class Governments
You'll all love this one - Degrees!
Alumni/Alumnae Societies
Social Clubs
Ok, maybe I'm going wacko here but you get my drifting drift...
In India, the drivers seemed to engage in a high speed version of kaleidoscope chicken. Vehicles raced towards head on collisions at breakneck speeds. For someone used to the very disciplined and harshly governed American way of driving, it was frightenong.

The locals, however, were able to depend on a single principle that guided driving decisions: never harm another. I rarely saw a traffic cop, speed trap, or lane marker.

It would be nice to have a single simple phrase that described the basic way we think about each other here on RBC.
"Do no harm?"

It would be nice to have a single simple phrase that described the basic way we think about each other here on RBC.
I really love the FAQ idea. That's really smart, Paul' How 'bout posting what you have'
Too much process and you have corporate recruiting; too little, agency. Jeez, what's a creative recruiter to do???

We can processize all we what; FAQ until the pigs return to Capistrano; wiki until the letters and numbers are worn off the keyboard but the "market forces" will still make the greatest impact on a community ) or business sector). Remember - and I'm gearing this to some of the "older" members of RBC (like John, Mo and moi) - how universities create paths on new campuses? They pretty much hpave where the students have trode on the grass.

As long as the "guiding members" - and with RBC perhaps there are hundreds - behave in a manner that is internally consistent - the norms will be transmitted to other members of our community. Only a handful will read FAQs or wikis or READ THIS posts leaving the rest to dive right in.

But what Paul is writing about - Paul, I'm reading between the lines like recruiters should - is about Human Factors design: Perhaps what is really needed here is useability assessment of RBC to see whether there is a better more intuitive interface for RBC that "guides" new and experienced users. Intuitive then becomes cultural.

Too all who read - when you come to NYC let me know ahead of time. I'll play tour guide... heh-heh.
I was out of town for the weekend and will post what I have so far later today. (I have it on my desktop)

The idea is (a) a way to send new members a welcome message; (b) reduce the number of "how do I ..." that I am guessing Jason receives; (c) show how one can be involved on the site; (d) where to find information.

I am sure I am missing some things so when I post it feel free to make suggestions.

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