Everyday resumes are submitted to a position that a client is in need of filling. The client will identify that the position needs to be filled immediately. The recuriter takes the time to source, screen and present a candidate. The client then goes cold and does not communicate with the vendor.

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I would say misuse, for example, giving a job order to a few agencies just to collect a batch or resumes for future use so that six months later they can try to get away with recruiting the candidates directly and trying to bypass any previous representation.

There are many examples I'm sure of misuse. However, your example, without any further contact or explanation is plain rude, unprofessional and quite unfortunate, but not abuse.
Dearest Rayanne - can I disagree? What Steve has described is not the profession I'm in. That sounds like spinning your wheels all day. That isn't recruiting. It's wasting your time.

I expect to schedule an interview for every person I introduce. If no interview - then feedback as to where I missed and I'll try again. Does anyone NOT expect that?

Blasting resumes over to your "client" without any feedback day after day? That's no way to make money.

Introduce ONE candidate at a time. Expect an interview for each person or a clear understanding of why not. Build your next introduction on that feedback.

I have no time for a client that has no time for me.

Sandra, the hawkish behavior you describe is real - I see it in sourcers who demand payment immediately (some even before!) upon submitting names. Like you, it really turns me off. If someone can't participate in an easy ebb-and-flow of information, communication and normal payment receivables (for us it's abt 56 days - yeah I know it's kinda' long bu tthat's the way things are these days) then there's something probably wrong with their model.
Sandra said it best:
"I expect reasonable feedback in a reasonable time frame on each candidate. It’s not my client if don't get it. But… I don't beat them to death demanding instant gratification. The street runs both directions."

There can be any number of reasons why the client went cold (acceptable and not) but this might be a good opportunity to educate a client on the value you add and establish a mutual respect going forward... if going forward is an option
Guys thanks for the feedback, I think I should clarify the situation further. The client has an extended relationship with us and has hired multiple candidates. The issue that we have is happening with multiple clients, we have a conference call with them and they explain the position is in desperate need to be filled. We source/screen/present candidates in a timely fashion. We did not shove candidates down their throats and did not overwhelm them with calls expecting an update an 1 hr after submission. It almost seems that they are "building" their database for the future.

Another situation is that the client interviews a candidate, says they love the candidate and would like to bring them on. They take about 3-4 weeks to move on this candidate and we lose them. I guess thats the nature of the business.

- Steve



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