I asked this questions of the LinkedIn community, purposely trying to get a response from staffing and recruiting. Most of the answers are coming from Resume Writers. How do you feel about Summary Statements? Thanks.

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Yes, I do. And I have clients who prefer something of that type on a resume, some that don't. And based on what is there and if it adds anything or not, etc., then I may work with the candidate on what we're going to revise on a resume before submitting it. Do you read them? Also, don't you find that all the "right way" tips, articles, advice, etc. are very subjective to what the persons actually reading a resume prefer or not?

YES. Like Amber said it may need to be revised / eliminated before getting to the hiring manager. Especially if the odds are low your cover letter will be read, this is a great place to set the tone for why you're qualified.

Thanks, Amber and Amy. Although I'm guilty of asserting my opinion, it is only from one point of view. I'm surprised by how many people, resume writers and recruiters, favor a summary/professional profile. I know that shorter has become much better as of late. A summary that is four of five lines long (or bullets) could be reduced and still have an impact. 

Amy, I know a lot of recruiters and hiring managers don't  read cover letters, but can a summary really set the tone as to why you're qualified? Too many of my customers are fond of listing a bunch of personality skills without writing how they've demonstrated them. This is one of my pet peeves. It's like why waist the space? Too much fluff and cliches. Thanks to both of you.

Yes and I include one in my CV.  In terms of structure I follow the advice I was given years ago for the second paragraph of a cover letter.  Read the job advert/description/specification.  Pick out the three or four key terms/technologies/requirements and write a short sentence showing why you're a perfect match. Edit for readability.

Way I figure it, any manager who has put out an advert/order for "An experienced shoelace tier with experience of reef knots and double bows" faced with a CV that kicks off with "I have 25 years experience in the shoelace tying industry.  I am skilled in a variety of knots including reef and sheepshank.  At the 'Shoelace tyers excellence awards' last year I beat off some stiff competition to recieve the 'Best Double Bows in the World Ever' award for the 7th year running" is going to feel pretty positive and want to see that candidate.

We use them in our office. Cuts to the chase. We also send an accomplishment worksheet. Resumes are like tombstones, old news.

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