A world that finds distress necessary seems to be emerging. This statement is correct, for as we recognize the need to ease a distress, solve an issue, change a course, innovation and provoking thought or actions occur. Provocation has, on more than one occasion, driven home the need to rethink or transform. It is that itch that needs to be scratched, the hole that needs to be filled, and the question begging for an answer.

More than a mild irritation that is easily soothed by calming words or Neosporin, revolution comes along when what is currently in place is no longer working or relevant. Thomas Jefferson said, "Every generation needs a new revolution." So what revolution have we, the current generation of HR professionals and Recruiters, been facing?

The tsunami wave of technology and the speed with which we communicate have created a whole new way to master human resources and its many offshoots - recruiting being what we concern ourselves with here. When I started in this biz, the fax machine was invaluable and snail mail was the preferred way of sharing information and educating a wanting field of candidates. Email quickly took over and increased the tempo to our favorite song.

IM, chat rooms, social networks, and of course, the current golden child: twitter, continue to evolve the face of sourcing, marketing, presenting, negotiating, and selecting. Thank goodness. Think of how different our lives might be without the likes of LinkedIn, RBC, facebook, or google. Especially in the wake of the change we are all apart of right now. Evolution, revolution was imminent, continues to be imminent. It will not slow down - it may even increase. Are you ready?

Relationship-building will become even more imperative as we enter the next evolution. Anyone can tweet - where is their face? Anyone can join a social network and add a hundred new contacts in a day - where is the handshake? Anyone can find the perfect match for the perfect job online - where is the voice and personal engagement?

Don't be anyone, be someone.

Be the someone whose voice the candidate recognizes. Be the someone whose client knows you look good in red. Be the someone that knows the value of engagement. Be someone.

by rayannethorn

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