I am tired.  Worn out. Exhausted. I have had to voraciously draw upon my recently filled stores of sanity and deal with such incredible jet leg for the last two plus weeks and during the last two days, it has definitely taken its toll. 


Right on the heels of my successful mainline of sanity, I proceeded to the other side of the world, London, to work at my company's headquarters for a couple weeks.  And while I experienced a new feeling - homesickness, I also experienced an old one:  fatigue. The time differential had its way with me and I have yet to recover. My return flight was late in arriving to its destination, LAX, due to the storms occurring across the Midwest. But my pass through customs was as smooth as I had ever experienced and it was no time at all and I was on my way home.  Home, Sweet Home.  


I assumed, wrongly so, that my jet lag would straighten itself out by the mere fact that I was home.  So, I start my Friday with a renewed hope that today will be the day!  The day that my sleep pattern will fall in line with the requirements of my body and my life in Southern California.  Hey, you gotta have hope, right?


The greatest lesson I take with me from my recent experiences is to never take for granted what is right before me. Because it is there every day, it might be easy to look past it all and just want more.  More for yourself, more for your family, and more for co-workers and friends.  But if we fail to see or if we falter in our appreciation for those we love and love us in return, and fail to embrace the land and community in which we now live, how will we ever achieve the greatness we think we deserve.  Good things come to those who wait.  No, good things come to those who go and get them.  But does happiness and contentment?  And at what cost?


Money cannot buy happiness, neither can hatred, grumpiness, jealously or greed.  I am eager to sit back and watch my family grow, mature, achieve their own successes and be all that they can be.  And in the process, I will continue to strive for my own excellence but it will be in the light of what I already have, in the recognition that my greatest success is right here and I walk with it every single day.  It makes perfect sense.  



This brings me to Memorial Day weekend in the USA.  Don't forget to say thanks to a Veteran or remember those who fell to preserve your right to grill a burger or a hot dog.  Raise a glass and lower your brow. It's the least you can do.  



by rayannethorn

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Amen. Especially to the last.

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