Fortune Favors the Bold..., and maybe a fever...

I can never remember, is it "starve a cold, feed a fever" or "starve a fever, feed a cold"?  According to the Farmer's Almanac, it is the latter - and I would have sworn it was the former...  And in my swearing, I fed my fever.  And I suppose that is ok, because I do feel better.  A bit better.  I have a fever that is hanging right around 102° - I haven't had a fever in nineteen years, seriously.


I guess, I should look at it as a gift horse, for it is my understanding that a fever is cleansing, it is your body eliminating an infection or virus.  I have no idea, because I am so completely unfamiliar with having a fever and I apologize should this post become incomprehensible and delirium sets in.  I have dosed up on ibuprofen, I have had a cool, wet cloth on my forehead and neck, I am getting my share of water and I am going to bed early - so I am resting.  I have followed "the" known-rules.  And my lovely daughter just gave me the best massage ever.  


As I face my obvious human-ness, the fact that I am weak, that I can't do everything or be everything all the time, I realize how lucky I have been.  I am rarely sick and almost never have fevers.   400 mgs of Advil PM awaits me, as well as liquids and rest for the next twenty-four hours.  Being a working mom has led to poor self-preservation habits.  And I found out something, I don't like being ill.  I don't like not managing my own destiny and having to rely on a thermometer to say I am well.   I don't like aches in my joints and pains in my neck and head.  And most of all? I don't like slowing down.   As a matter of fact, I hate it. 


I am one of those people that has always worked through the pain.  For if I work through it, it is barely noticeable, right?  And this is because I don't like staying where I am.  I want to always be excelling, finding the better way.  I have always lived by the principle that moving forward keeps you from standing still.  Seems obvious, right?  But so many forget this clear and simple observation.  Moving forward  keeps you from standing still.


The minute I stand still, I am destined to fall behind.  And while there is safety in standing still, there is also no chance for greatness.  I don't know about you, but I want to be great. I want to provide great things for my children, for my love, and for my work.  I read somewhere that "fortune favors the bold."  I dare to be bold, to not sit still, to fight through a fever and find the greatness waiting for me.  Maybe I'm foolish, but then again, maybe I will find favor...


Aww, Fortuna, the Goddess of Luck - she is more likely to help those who take risks...

I am waiting Fortuna... I am almost delerious with fever, but I am waiting ;-)



by rayannethorn

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Go to the damn doctor before you come down with pneumonia. A fever indicates an infection which indicates an antibiotic. Put it off and you won't be standing still, you will be lying still for two weeks. They don't give out bold awards for not taking advantage of the "doc in the Box. Now go.
Good...... I hope everything is OK. I have been suffering from an awful sinus infection all week, but thankfully no fever. Thoughts with you Rayanne....
Wow...very inspiring. This blog really spoke to me today.

only if gas prices worked so easily... popping pills would have been compulsory for all in summer..

hope you are much better by now.

Rayanne said:

Fever down to 100*, now if gas prices would just plummet in the same manner....

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