Hello RBC friends - seems like I've heard of such a thing around here before. Here's why I'm asking - yes I'm a corporate recruiter and we use Taleo as our ATS. Thing is all of us have an agency background and we're looking for a more efficient way to keep track of potential candidates/pipeline without asking people to apply through our website. Our version of Taleo is NOT going to give us that option. We're making do with Excel but it would be nice to have somewhere to upload resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc.


Would love to hear from anyone out there that uses something like this!



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Or should we say Oracle now...since that blackhole sucked up Taleo.  Service has fallen so far...I just found out they didn't process my payment for renewal, 7 months ago.  Seriously, how do you not process a 5 figure payment and not say anything to me...


Not sure it will do excatly what you want but look up a product called telemetry. One of our known colleagues  Matt Charney went to work for them and he asked me to take a look @ it. This particular product, I thought was interesting and may be a new niche within the ATS market. especially for firms that already spent buko bucks on Taleo/Oracle/SAP etc, ( Since in my experience most ATS fall into 2 categories, suck bad and suck less.

So from what I saw it is NOT an ATS. It sits 'on top' of your ats. totally boolean searchable, let's you link up with your linkedIn, Monster, CB and other accounts. you can search on any/all of them. And from what I recall you can schedule and do a lot w/ it.

Hi Amy,

Are you using any of the LinkedIn Recruiter corporate products?
They have a neat add on that is called Pipeline that could be used in the manner you seek.
Sadly....its only "free" if you have LIR. 

Google Drive may be an easier way to share spreadsheets as you can access Drive from any location. 

Then there are the trusty 3 x 5 index cards of "stars" that I keep with me at all times. 

Ugh....did I just waste 5 minutes answering an old question. 
Yes....yes I did. Kill me now. 

::::: waves to Amy :::::

Hey Daren! :) this discussion has had some new life breathed into it! :)

I haven't played around w/ Pipeline yet, I have LinkedIn Recruiter at my new job too though. I like it. But yes - there is no substitute for a good old fashioned rolodex, Michael Scott style, right? :)

Friend me for a LIR Pipeline hack.
I wont post it here.

In the same boat with OLD Taleo enterprise edition.  You may be able to use this work around if you want to mass upload resumes.  Double check with your admin that your system is set-up to handle imported resumes via email and that they will not receive an auto email as an "applicant" per EEO.

Clients must use the following email address with the resume parsing via email feature: 

where “zonename” represents the name of the client’s zone.

Personally I now use LI Recruiter as my CRM.  I've used and tested many CRMs but the manual nature of the data entry was not efficient enough to scale properly.  It can easily import contacts and resumes for tracking.   It is far from ideal from a cost perspective, but it does avoid the issue of redundant data entry.


I friended you. Are you referring to the Sell Hack?

Daren J. Mongello said:

Friend me for a LIR Pipeline hack.
I wont post it here.


Tough to set up, you have to be technical and have some sort of web host.  But it's an actual ATS and completely free.  Much better than any other free ats options out there.  I've been using it for years.

If you aren't technical, you'll probably want an IT person to set it up.

We use Greenhouse.io it's not free, but has it's own section for adding prospects without having to attached them to a specific job.

When nimble first launched it was free... I LOVED it. I'm not sure what their cost is now but you should check it out.

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