Hello RBC friends - seems like I've heard of such a thing around here before. Here's why I'm asking - yes I'm a corporate recruiter and we use Taleo as our ATS. Thing is all of us have an agency background and we're looking for a more efficient way to keep track of potential candidates/pipeline without asking people to apply through our website. Our version of Taleo is NOT going to give us that option. We're making do with Excel but it would be nice to have somewhere to upload resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc.


Would love to hear from anyone out there that uses something like this!



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It's not free but we use Avature. Great unrestricted sourcing database. There are others. I will get the names for you of those that I know people use with some efficiency.

Amy - it's not really a CRM, but http://www.smartrecruiters.com/static/ could be used for a candidate repository and contact management solution.

Claim to be free for life.

Thanks guys. I've talked to a couple of reps for Avature, I'm pushing for it if we ever get to dump Taleo. Sadly I don't control the budget. One of my coworkers and I have been playing around with smartrecruiters.com, very limited in resume formats you can upload though. Oh well, it's free which is I asked for. :)

Hi Amy,

I'm using zoho.com.  It's a pretty robust CRM for a free program. You can have up to 3 users registered and it will hold up to 100,000 records in the free version.  Plus, you can put your data into Excel, save it as a .csv file and then import it to Zoho.com..here's the link to the free edition:  http://www.zoho.com/crm/free-edition.html

www.ikrut.com - readily admit that it has limited CRM capability as it's really designed for in house recruiters but completely free is still a very nice price.

Thanks Theresa and Nick! I'll check them both out.

Amy - I have used Salesforce.com as a CRM in the past and it worked well.  It is very affordable, robust, configurable and web-based.  When I investigated it for our company last year the individual licenses were dirt cheap (less than $1K annually).  I know it's not free but could we a great solution for you.


I second the recommendation for Smartrecruiters.com, especially if you want to easily move your info out to social media and/or your own web site. It's free and easy, and we have been pleased with it.  We use Bullhorn for our real ATS which is fabulous, but not free (though it's affordable).

Hireworx provides an integrated solution for ATS and CRM. You can convert your CRM contacts to candidates whenever you need to, which should solve your issue. http://hireworx.com if you’d like to find out more. Good luck!

Thanks everyone! We're exploring all these options... appreciate the input!

Let me guess, Amy, Taleo Business Edition?  Sounds like a familiar complaint coming from my mouth.  Bad thing, though, I control my budget and still haven't been able to switch.  You can actually configure your system to be a semi-okay database and tracker for those "non-applicants".  Given the option to create new candidates and upload resumes, if you have the pool built, you can house them there.

Seth - exactly! :) We finally upgraded to LinkedIn Recruiter seats which can function (sort of) as a CRM... I've since left the company that was having this issue, but I don't know that anything's changed. Good old Taleo...

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