Oh Boy, where do I start?  The economy? The Big Box  Stores? Politics in Businesses?  I guess I will just say I was making $200k/yr as a Sr. Manager for 7 years and got the ax.  Yup, 7 years of 75+ hours a week, never seeing my family, missing important life events even being put into labor and holding off because it was busy at work and boom, my life was turned up-side-down.  Depressed, pissed off and couldnt find a damn job to save my life. 

1 year later and no job later I finally got to be with my family, slow down and actually enjoy, well, life.

Fast forward to 4 months ago...Got a call from a friend of mine asking me to apply to be a recruiter.  A what?  Im not a recruiter, IM A MANAGER.  So, I swollowed my pride and I took a $170k/yr pay cut to do what? I had no idea. I thought, Okay, I can talk to people.  I hired people for a living.  I can do this.  I was terrible.  Oh my, now THIS job is Challenging!!  Who knew!?! 

I couldnt get a damn interview to save my life!!  Shortlist was the excitement of my day.  Then, one day, I had a "Jerry Maguire" moment. I was on the phone with a candidate and after about 30 min, I realized I was compteting against another agency to EARN a submittal from this candidate.  What !!  I am going to win this.  It wasn't about showing the candidate "the money" it was about showing the candidate "ME", why he should trust me, pick me.  I felt like standing on my desk saying "SHOW ME THE RESPECT AND ATTENTION I DESERVE AS A CANDIDATE" back to him....One hour later,l I won.  I was wiped out.  1.5 hours on the phone for one candidate.  It was the one of those "ah ha" moments that I will remember for my entire life.

My candidate got hired.  My first placement.  Holy cow my prayers have been answered!  Not just work prayers, buy my life prayers. 


Why do I love this job?  I am a mom again. I am a wife again.  I am a sister/daughter/godmother again. I am having amazing conversations daily with smart and interesting people.  I get to get people, who like me in the past, find a job.  Bottom line, I AM IMPROVING PEOPLES LIVES BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, MY LIFE.  I love my job as a recruiter.




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Great post, Becky.

Becky, I can relate to a lot of what you wrote! I worked for a company 16 years, sales and management, and all our U.S. offices were closed in 2009. I came to work for my husband's recruiting company, which was great because it was well established and I didn't have to interview. Not so great at first because it was HIS company for 20 years, I had been travelling 75% for the last 6 years of my career, always working 60+ hours/wk, etc. So some rough adjustments to all the "togetherness" but I have come to enjoy all the things you mention, thanks to being able to recruit independently for a living.

Great post Becky, much much luck to you....

Thank you so very much.  It has been one heck of a ride!!  Good luck to you two as well!

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