Has it become a Candidate driven market...Or has it been all along?

I have had the most declined offers in the last 6 months (somewhere in the realms of....10-15) then I have in all of the 6 years I have been in this game.

Now some might jump to the conclusion that I must not being doing my job and not pre-clsoing candidates properly or asking all the right questions while going through the dance so to speak but trust me when I say I most certainly pre-close all of my candidates...but maybe I am at fault for not asking all the right questions...Hard to recall if I asked "this or that" in all the different situations since January of this year.

Some had valid reasoning where as they thought they could relocate (I do a lot of relocation) only to be axed by the significant other when push came to shove.  Others just went dark, accepted other offers or decided to stay with they're current employer because they got a counter offer...And some felt the offer at hand wasn't worthy.  But one of the biggest problems I'm seeing is the candidate trying to negotiate something into their offer that was never discussed and clearly made known that wouldn't be an option.  For example trying to negotiate a full time role into a contract situation or asking for telecommute options when it was clearly stated would not happen.

Most of the people I target are those that are currently working and I understand that because of the shaky economy people are hesitant to leave a comfy place of employment for something brand new...That's a risk many are hesitant to take.  Challenging none the less but if I cant handle a challenge then I'm aware I shouldn't be in this industry!  lol

Maybe its only a candidate driven market/situation because I tend to work with those that are passively looking and clients need to realize that this was a recruited candidate not someone looking
for work...Which of course all my clients know when I present
someone...But maybe the Client is under the impression that its a client driven market because of our current unemployment rate...?

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? Offer any advice/criticism or just want to comment please do because I'm all ears and very frustrated.

Thank you

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I feel your pain. Have had three could be four, i'm numb, turndowns in the last 60 days. I have been around since tennis balls were square and have had maybe a total of five prior to June in over 30 years. It's my take that candidates may be looking but to move they want all the bells, sirens and whistles then when it gets down to the wire they are taking a hard look at the real estate market and asking for telecommute. Same deal spouse nixes it, a family member dies, the devil they know as opposed to the potential angel they don't know and it's shut down.

My take, it's the fear factor. "What if i can't sell my house, what if i don't like it, what if my spouse, kids, dogs, significant other don't like it. Candidates employed are more afraid of taking a new position that requires a move. Actively looking candidates who are unemployed are desperate, don't interview well and everybody is paranoid about something, anything and everything.

Maybe it's the heat or the dog days of summer but i'm with you...what the hell is going on. I just had one who accepted a job, signed a lease on an apartment in the new city then called and said her fiancee decided it would be too expensive for her to commute until he could get his company to approve his transfer. From day one everybody was on board that this was the only city they would consider due to him having family there. Boom, it was a new world overnight after three months of negotiations with nothing mentioned about location being a problem.

I'm being nibbled to death by the baby ducks.

Fear of the unknown is all i can come up with. I am hearing the same thing from clients about candidates that their internal recruiters have located. Working on a position now that a candidate known to the hiring manager was offered and accepted six months ago. Kept delaying start date until he was pressed then backed out so if it makes you feel any better i don't think there is a close that will overcome fear when it gets dark and late.
Agreed...Fear of unknown is really chapping my hide and my wallet!

Appreciate the comment in letting me know I'm not alone out there because I have def felt that way recently. I'm on the Technology (IT) side of the fence within this industry and not sure if my niche/industry is the most affected or not but it seems like those recruiters (here with my employer) that are in the Healthcare or Property Management division have no problems and are making the "Presidents Club" already half way through the year. I had great years in 08 and 09 (made the Presidents Club both years) and finally this "recession" caught up to me here in 2010...I am having the worst year since I began this back in 04 when I knew absolutely nothing about Recruiting let alone IT....In fact I think I did better in my first year. ha

But the major reason for this "bad" year (in quotes because it could be a blessing in disguise...Trying to be optimistic as possible...lol) was due to declined offers. I have orders, have no problems getting new orders as well have no problem finding the talent and getting them engaged with my client but cant get the deal closed because of this "FEAR"...Or candidates trying to "bait and switch" me which is just pure douche-bagauchery (not to be confused with debauchery).

Thank you Sandra, I appreciated your take on it. =)
I think that markets are both candidate and client driven..which is which just depends on who is driving the bus at a particular moment..when the candidates bail, it's candidate driven..when clients decline, it's client driven...all that really matters is keeping the pipeline full..full of pertinent opportunities for the candidates, and full of pertinent candidates for the clients..the rest just sorts itself out.

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