I shared news of this in today's daily email, but the RBC's Jeff Moore has been kind enough to offer some of his time to answer the burning questions you might have about this new product.  Jeff is a recruiter for Google and his insights offer a valuable perspective.


So feel free to use this thread to ask the questions you might have and the best of the best will be forwarded to Jeff.


Also...you can use this thread here to request an invite (if still needed).



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Jeff, first, thank you for time. My question is: What is the fastest way to build contacts/network and are those contacts the only ones that can see if I plus1 a link on google search?


Also what tricks would you reccomend taking a look at for recruiters?




Will there be a capacity to import all of our Linkedin connections to Google +?

This looks amazing, can't wait to use it!  When will G + be available to join?  Right now,  even with an invitation, it is closed to new enrollments.



@Jason and @Peter I'll get you more info on this soon....there are a few tricks

@Tricia, invites are still coming through...I sent a few out today that went out so let me know if you need one or if you are just waiting for the ok.

I've seen Findpeople for Google +, any other search tools that you are using for Google +?

Hi Jeff - I definitely need an invite to join, if there's anyway to get one today that would be AMAZING!!!!



Hi Brandon, this article as pretty good about getting your LinkedIn contacts to G+ - http://problogservice.com/2011/07/11/import-your-linkedin-contacts-...


Tara, send me your gmail account (jeffreytmoore@gmail.com) and I'll set you up!



Thanks a lot, Jeff, read the article and managed to export-import the contacts.


I'm wondering, if someone adds me on G+, and I don't add her back, what happens? That person will be able to see my updates? Or I will be getting hers? Or do we have to add each other to share the info with each other?


Like on Twitter,  it's enough to follow someone to get that person's tweets. To see somebody's activity on Facebook, however, a confirmation for a Friend request is needed. How does this work here?



Hey Natalie, they can only see what you make public so it's sort of a mix between what you'd see on Twitter or on FB.  Make sense?  So you can make a public update or just update to your circle depending on the content
Jeff, thanks a lot, it does make sense. So far G+ looks like a great thing, I'm really excited about seeing how it all will be working out.

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