Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get access to a contact at a University or College regarding entry level job openings I have in a certain area? I would like to try to get a few candidates that have recently graduated. Silly me gets all excited and thinks..Hey I am going to call all of the colleges in the area and let them know I have positions open for recent graduates!(I am still in my everything is a fabulous idea and will only take 2 seconds stage) This is not working, has anyone had success doing this and if so how can I reach an actual person, not a robot, voicemail or pop up online?

I want to help people who need jobs!! Why oh why does it have to be so difficult to find them?

Any tips, tricks, advice would be fabulous!

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Have you tried the career center, every college has one and they would I'm sure love to take your phone call and post your job on their site.

As a recruiter this is what makes our job Fun!! You need to do some investigating and constant networking!!

I learn something new everyday! Someone from the career center will be calling me back (fingers crossed). Have you used the "Hire our Grads" program before? My positions generally require more experience so I haven't dealt with the entry level positions until now. Thanks for your help guys!!

I do this a great deal with local Universities and colleges.  They do have a career center and an alumni center as well. They usually love recruiters and allow you to post for free or come on campus for interviews of soon to be graduates.  Most of the websites usually have a student services site you can go to and email or call.  These centers are sometimes staffed by current students or a FTE that wears a number of hats. 

As a Recruiter we wear all the Hats and have to always be on the prowl for new ideas and innovations!! We also have to be on the prowl not only for candidates, but jobs for our candidates!! We are never out of Work!! Our work never ends!!

I've tried something that has worked very well for me in the past:  I find contact information on the professors that are in the departments that would have the type of students I'm looking for.  Then I contact them and ask them for lists of graduating students, students finishing their Master's, or those finishing their PhD's in the disciplines that I need.

I did this one time when I needed to find PhD's in Geospatial Technologies.  I found 3 schools with major programs, got to the professors, and then talked to everyone that had just finished their programs or were about to.  I came up with 15 candidates from the 3 schools, and was able to get an accepted offer out to the perfect candidate (even stole him from the clutches of Google).

Like the others before me have recommended - career services, student job boards through the university (usually Simplicity), and calling on professors from reputable programs - can't go wrong with these ideas!  Good luck!

Thank you all!! I have only had my Recruiting Blogs account for 2 days and I love it! I connected with a couple of Colleges(thanks to the fabulous suggestions yesterday) I sent over the information and my job opening will be posted on several careers sites by tomorrow! Who would have known it was actually going to be pretty easy. My boss might be seeing less of me in his office asking questions now that I have a way to get answers and advice from fellow recruiters LOL.

That's awesome Elizabeth!  I love this site, and the wealth of knowledge on here is could spend days reading and learning!  Welcome!!!!

Thank you everyine helping out Elizabeth! Makes us all smile!

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