Interesting to see something like this from the recruiters out there... The days of the 25 years at one job has changed. I'm on my 18th postion starting from my first job when I was 12. I'll get the ball rolling...

1 Paper Boy - Newsday, Long Island - Left position to relocate to FL
2 Telephone Solicitor - Big Brother / Big Sister - Quit to earn 25cent more an hour
3 Dish Washer - Sunrise Musical Theater - Quit because I hated washing dishes
4 Telephone Solicotor - Police Benevolent Association - Left to work for Tips and more$
5 Waiter - Bagel Nosh - Ft. Lauderdale - Too far to drive
6 Valet Parker, Bell Boy, Waiter - Liked working for Tips, moved to earn more $
7 Gardener @ Marvin's Gardens - Austin Texas - Stung by too many wasps and I'm allergic
8 Stocker - Liquor Store - Austin - Quit to work for a new nightclub
9 Barback / Bartender - San Antonio Rose - Austin - Let go after 17 bartenders walked out
10 Bartender - Cardi's Club- Austin - Left to become a Bar Manager
11 Bar Manager - Angles Nightclub - Austin - Moved to CA to grow up! Relo time
12 Insurance Sales - San Francisco - Left because I hated selling Insurance after leading the office in sales
13 Software Sales - Strategic Mapping - San Jose - Left after being recruited out for a new opportunity, Sales Manager - Promoted, National Sales Director - technology - Promoted
14 VP Sales - Santa Clara CA - Sold Company
15 Director of Recruiting Services - Hall Kinion - Promoted, SR. VP Sales & marketing - IPO - Recruiting Agency - Interesting Story!
16 VP Western Sales - TMP/ Hudson - San Francisco , staffing - Promoted
Sr. VP Sales & Marketing - Staffing agency - Left for a new opportunity, recruited by CEO
17 VP Sales & Marketing - HireAbility - Technology for Staffing - Left For new opportunity
18 Partner VP Sales & Marketing - recruiting & staffing - present

Share your experiences!

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1. Carwash Hand - M&K Carwash - Left because I was sure there was more to life than white walls and Armour All
2. 3rd Shift Wire Pickler - Hoskins Mfg. - Left to preserve my sanity
3. Recruiter - Regional Staffing Firm - Promoted continuously up through VP level - Left so I could keep all the money
4. Founder and Principal Staffing Artist - Professional Search Group - Will never leave
1.) Hostess at Mcdonalds
2.) Sales person at Radio Shack - left after 3 months because I couldn't sell my way out of a wet paper bag
3.) Educational Tech at Radio Shack - But wow could I fix computers!
4.) Database Analyst at AT&T - And brazen my way thru C code!
5.) Developer at Bell Labs - Not to mention shell script.
6.) Sysadmin at Bell Labs - And unix! Unix is almost as good as coffee.
7.) Lead sysadmin/security admin at Bell Labs - And Berferd!
8.) Started Lingstar/RISE and haven't looked back since. Found the users guides I had written 4-5 years ago/classes I had taught were where my skills really lay....
ice cream scooper
busboy for a day
door to door saran wrap/tin foil/toiletpaper salesman
restaurant supply company owner
Jobster for one year
1. Sand-blaster - mine equipment company: Tram Electric
2. General Labor - ie...shoveling coal - coal mine: Andalex Mine Resources
3. Hod-tender - local brick layer: Morley Masonry
4. Freight handler - international trucking company: Roadway International
5. Loan officer - mortgage industry: Wester Sun Financial
6. Recruiter/Division Director - Robert Half International
7. Operations manager/recruiter - Murdock Career Services
8. Recruiter (locums) - CompHealth
9. Recruiter/Community Outreach - Stevens-Henager College
10. Recruiter - Excel Resources (IT)
11. Consultant - call center in Tonga: Gateway Pacific International
12. Sr. Recruiter/Account Manager - Who Blue Resources (IT)
Updates:...for the benefit of Maren! :)
1. Sand-blaster - this was a job during the summers in High school...just for bucks for dates and stuff. Graduated and moved on to the REAL money....
2. General Labor/shoveling coal - worked after high school graduation earning money for voluntary religious mission.
3. Hod-tender - had a good neighbor who hired me after the religious mission...left to go to college in the "big city"....
4. Freight Handler - worked graveyards while going to college. Left after finishing BS in Business Management.
5. Loan officer - first job with BS degree. Got married and left cuz the wife didn't "appreciate" straight commission work.
6. Recruiter/Division Director - 1st recruiting job, left after a copule of years to take on a sinking ship I thought I could resurrect :)...
7. Operations Manager - left because I had too much confidence in myself and not enough knowledge about a company struggling through bankruptcy :). Company went out of business.
8. Recruiter (locums) - not really my cup of tea....didn't stay too long here.
9. Recruiter/Community Outreach - 1st taste of recruiting in academia. Great programs, we created a Pacific Islander specific program....then the school was sold and brought in new management that liked the "old way" of doing business.
10. Recruiter (IT) - left to help start an International Call Center in Tonga (spent a few months in the islands getting things up and running).
11. Consultant - left the islands to come home to my family, once the call center was up and running.
12. Who Blue Resources - IT Recruiter, still here today!!!
This is great! I think we shouldn't have to say why we left the recruiting firms we've been with previously :)

1. Trained horses in TX (13-15)...I worked for a few different horse trainers that worked with Tennessee Walking Horses and broke they 2 year olds. (left because my family moved to England)
2. Living in England I wasn't legally able to work (which was fine by me)
3. Special Photo Store (17-18) (I left when I graduated high school)
4. Balloonabilities (2-3 years)- I was a balloon artist in CA for Balloonabilities. They contracted me out to private parties and restaurants and I entertained for tips. I also used my balloon animal skills in the streets of Europe while studying in Spain for a year.
5. Cyrano's coffee (1 year in College)
6. Backstage Coffee (1 summer in TX while home from College)
7. El Chico's Mexican Restaurant - server for extra cash in college
8. ACT Academy - Spanish Teacher for k-12 charter school 1 year... (left because I'm not a good poor person)
9. Insurance sales (4 years - Left because a client that was a recruiter made more money than me and worked a lot less)
10. Recruiting Industry (8 years) Various contingent firms, Now with Futurestep, Korn Ferry for the last 3 years.

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