How to break into a new client for new job orders? What practices do we use for Business Development?

I started in search in 2001 for the biotech/pharma industry. At that time my firm had Amgen, Pfizer, Genentech and many other great clients already. All I had to do was take the relationship and expand it. I then left went into the banking industry (yeah that dirty word MORTGAGES) I excelled at banks such as UBS and Fremont. This year I returned to my roots in recruiting. I now work with an old partner who has been in search for 15+ yrs. He has his clients but we need more. We are expanded our disciplines within Pharma...

How do others get new clients?

Direct cold calls to HR/Talent Mgrs? Call the hiring manager? Send marketing materials? Just be persistent? Blogging? References?

What are some of the best practices others use to get both contingent and retained work?

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Has anyone just tried to bypass the HR piece in general and to to the top of the food chain? Call the CEO? Express why you can add value and then move down the corporate ladder?
Hi Richard,

I typically review the clients needs to make sure we searched and recruited similar positions in the past. Also I find information on the 'Decision maker' prior to speaking with them. This information may serve to break the ice hence more receptive to the call. References and referrals come in handy. Decision makers get hundreds of calls from recruiters therefore getting to their pain quickly gets them focused on finding relief.

Most recruitment budgets have to be approved by the CFO, if the ROI makes sense (Proven success-high quality service) and is low cost more than likely they will opt for your services. We operate on a low hourly rate and its a great bargaining chip to have. Giving the client multiple pricing models does allow room for negotiation.

Typical questions I get: 'How many candidates will I get daily, weekly and monthly?'. Answer will depend on the complexity of the search. We built case studies from our delivery model that helps answer the ROI query.

No one client is the same. With every new client the sales process is designed and tailored for maximum effect. Paying attention to detail is key but be aware there is a certain level of tolerance when one is too persistent. Finding balance is an art.

Wish I could go more in detail but I have to get back on the phone (Where all the magic happens) LOL

Best regards

You are right this business is an art. We work on the typical 25% engagement fee type of business in permanent placement for small pharma.

I am just very curious how others try and develop new clients, what techniques exactly are used... etc...

We have a niche and don't want to be about cost, but value to the people we can bring b/c of our niche...

There are just so many recruiters who over promise and under deliver. Then muddy the waters for the rest of us

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