How do you see the implementation of Obamacare affecting recruiting in 2013"

Will employers hire fewer people through recruiters, more, or about the same as they did this year?

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Bill.........we're all entitled to our opinions.  If the Republicans think they had this nailed, and are right about a national healthcare plan, then demographically (where is always counts), why did they lose?  Just saying.  Healthcare is not about politics, but about people having the insurance to keep themselves healthy at the time when they really need being sick.  Do you have any idea of how many people die in this country on a regular basis of a treatable disease, but it wasn't treated because they did have insurance to afford a doctors visit and they died from it?  A lot.  Not every Tom, Dick and Harry run to the emergency room and expect to get free treatment. 

Let's move on from this discussion.  It adds zero value to discussion of hiring and recruiting.  The way I see it?  Republicans = Sore Losers!  Just saying!

thank you Suresh. :) I tried really hard to stay out of political discussions - this was her first election (she turned 18 this summer) and I wanted her to vote for her own reasons... very disappointing to hear the reaction from her peers. She's a tough kid and didn't get too upset, but when she found out that some of her most vocal critics didn't even bother to vote, that's what really set her off! :)


Heck my first election I cast a vote for Perot so what do I know?? :) I'm with you on the talking heads... I'm more of a "pox on both their houses" independent lol. I don't get invited to many parties. :)


And John, I too am sorry your thread went sideways. Ok back to work!
Suresh said:

Amy, kudos to your daughter for actually voting for her beliefs. Not afraid of being different, thats great.

I tried to teach my kids to think independently and not necessarily follow a party line.

The younger generation has been exposed to a lot more diversity (whether growing up in schools, neighbors, online, travel) and they are not afraid of differences. This is just my obeservation from my personal experiences over the last 25 years in this country. We are changing as a country and some part of the population have trouble accepting this and the politicians and talking heads take advantage of this crowd for ratings and votes.


By the way John, sorry to hijack your Obamacare discussion.


Amy that's funny, I was arguing with my grad school buddies for Perot ;-). By the way I wasn't even a citizen yet, but something about his casual Texas accent with pie charts got me hooked.

Peter, the reason Romney lost? 

The majority of people favored government dependence given goodies paid for by others than self-reliantly pusruing the American Dream earning it themselves.


Now have a majority of people sitting in the wagon to be pulled, and minority of people pulling it.


This will work great till they run out of other peoples' money to spend providing everything to everyone, including jobs killing Obamacare adding up to 12K per employee per year to employee premium costs.  We needed private sector jobs, the president gives us government healthcare.

If things economically improve, it will be despite Obama not because of him.

  • Heck my first election I cast a vote for Perot so what do I know?? :) I'm with you on the talking heads... I'm more of a "pox on both their houses" independent lol. I don't get invited to many parties. :)

 not my first but me too.  and it had almost nothing to do with the Perot Petition Committee making my year in temp sales.

;p're putting me to sleep with the same rhetoric that I've been listening to for years!  It didn't work.  Plain and simple.  Be gracious.  Accept the loss and be happy when everything does work out because it has to. 


Peter, If mentioning that increasing the cost of a company's doing business retards their spending and hiring has "put you to sleep," I deeply apologize for not being more entertaining.

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