My head is going to explode.  Seriously, I’m not kidding, this is no joke.  If one more social networking site pops up, I will be done for.  It was nice knowing you.  I sure will miss you.  Adios.  Goodbye... 


I spent an hour or so today cruising through Google+.  I find it merely ok.  Maybe I am too much of a Facebook girl.  Maybe it is because I still have a MySpace account.  Maybe it is because I love Tweetdeck and already have too many columns set up to monitor.  Maybe it is because I manage five groups on LinkedIn.  Maybe it is because I still have six email accounts.  Maybe it is because even though I like FB Places better, I still enjoy Foursquare occasionally and Gowalla rarely.   Maybe it is because I have been part of some very successful GroupMe "groups."  Maybe it is because I still log in to Plaxo and Fastpitch every once in a while.  Maybe it is because I already have too many apps on my mobile device that I rarely use.  And Scoville, Naymz, Xing, and BranchOut always want me back…


Maybe I feel like the multiple tracks that run through my head and over my heart carry too many trains that I will never be able to catch and seem to be going in a thousand different directions, requiring a thousand different logins.  And I am the girl who said she would never automate her status updates, tweets, places, or “what’s new?”  But how can I possibly do all this and still do my real job?   How can I play hard enough on the new field to get good at the new game if I don’t have the time or the energy to do so? 


Does anyone remember Bo Jackson?  The Bo Knows campaign?  Bo Jackson was a great football player, but he was also a great baseball player.  Apparently, he played many other sports too, but he did those two really well.   He played professional baseball for five seasons and pro football for three.  A serious hip injury ended his football career, and he was able to play baseball a couple more seasons, after surgery and much rehab.  He even tried a stint as a semi-pro basketball player before returning to baseball in 1993. Maybe Bo Jackson accomplished all he was supposed to, maybe he achieved his ultimate greatness, but what if he had selected to only play baseball?  We, of course, will never know.  But we can wonder and take from his story a lesson.  You can't do everything for very long before something gives.


I am wary of jumping on too many showboats.  I am leery of multi-tasking anymore.  I used to be great at it – not really, I just thought and said that I was.  One more roll of the rolling pin just might be too much, I think my spleen will pop out of my ear should I fully embrace Google+.  Can I be spread much thinner?  Can you?  Embracing one means diminished use of another, it must.  I have spent years building my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks.  Am I just going to ignore them and eventually discard them like I did all of my VHS movies?  How soon will DVDs and Blu-Ray be outdated?  Don’t you just want to scream?


Some days, I feel like I don’t know diddley…



by rayannethorn 


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Information overload has been a real problem for many years.  And now, it's "tool" overload.  You are right, Rayanne, that no one can possibly make use of all the overlapping tools and resources that are coming online.  Yet, know that when something is "hot", no bandwagon will be ignored...even if it's at the expense of actually getting work done.  It's just people being people, and it will never change.
I often wonder when people have the time to write all these articles. My days are spent calling candidates and updating my database, securing interviews and while the phone is ringing I glance at Facebook or LinkedIn.

More time hiring and less time playing social network is what I'm trying to focus on. Atleast while I'm building my business. Once I get to a point where I've accomplished my goals I guess I'll probably spend more of my time relaxing and sharing my wisdom.
At night I get to read recruitment articles. I get more enjoyment reading technology websites like techcrunch, but then the guilt sets in and I move across back to the recruitment articles, which is work related and more productive. Ho hum.

Nice blog :-)

So bang on.. we all started with one tool email and then kept on adding tools/apps and god knows what else.. some of them we just kling for the reason that we had invested time and energy creating all the relationship and some just come out from blue and stare at you...but change is the name of the game..

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