Dear Recruiting Friends.

I need recruiters to be guests for my online radio show - The Recruiting Animal Show

Last year I had a lot of non-recruiters as guests and the show suffered as a result.

So, if you want to be a guest let me know. If not I will come after you myself.

You can read my letter to prospective guests here.

You can find clips from the show there as well.

The full show protocol is described here:

I even tell you how to be a good guest here:

Sign on. Be Bold. Let me know.

I'm on Twitter at @animal. My email is <>

You can also reply to this posting. And remember, you can hide but I will find you. I need recruiter-guests and I'm going to get them.

Regards from me.

PS: You can listen to my Jan 09 show right here on RBC -

And Tiffany Branch went directly from this discussion to a starring role on the Jan 16 2013 Recruiting Animal Show. You can listen to her here -

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Really, have you been a guest on the show? If so, which episode? If not, why? When your clients hear the name Sandra McCartt (your brand) what would they say about you? Owe you don't want to use "white collar" crime as an example, what do you think of when you hear the name Blockbuster Video,  Borders or Taylor Swift, what do they have in common? I believe It's what folks are saying about their brand or lack there of, you think? 

P Wall
Sandra McCartt said:

Can't give you an actual number but as a Regular listener don't think I have ever heard anyone who said anything that sent them down in flames. If your examples are limited to Madoff, Enron and Lehman as to destroying their "brand". I would suggest to you that their reputation was destroyed by criminal activity , high risk investment followed by a coverup and not by some blah, blah on a talk show. if animal has ever had Barney on the show or anyone from Enron I must have missed it.

The only example I can think of who might have tarnished himself was the idiot who went on the shows and bragged about having 27 bogus profiles on Facebook to get around their rules. If someone is bragging about breaking rules or being a crook there are some of us who find that behavior offensive but there were many who didn't seem to have. Problem with it because they felt the rules were stupid.

I have been reasonably successful in the recruiting world for over 35 years, never gave a thought to a "brand". My values and beliefs are open to challenge at anytime and don't make a tinkers damn to any of my clients or candidates unless of course they felt like I were more interested in building a "brand" than I am in doing what they retain me to do. I could go on the animal show and read the phone book, bore the fillings out of the listeners teeth or profess to believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy and it would have absolutely no affect on my clients. All of us are judged by our interaction with our clients on a daily basis not by whatever smoke we blow or not on social media

If you are consumed with worry about saying something that could destroy this thing some want to call a "brand", best thing to do is be very quiet. To me a brand is something you stick on a cows butt so you can find your own cows after a snow storm when they get mixed up with all the other brown ones in the county. The reputatation for producing good beef is built over years of consistently producing a good steak. A brand is only a name, a reputation is built by results not on value systems or beliefs. Some of the biggest losers I know still spout how great they are but can't back it up. Some of the biggest winners I know would look at you like a deer in the headlights if asked to articulate their values and beliefs. Just do their job and do very well.

My take is that the animal show doesn't have the power to either hurt or help much of anything. It's entertainment within a segment of an industry. Sometimes interesting or entertaining, sometimes boring, sometimes funny, some good ideas from time to time but hardly "brand shattering".
No have not been a guest, may do it some day if I am in the mood.

When someone hears my name they think of the last interaction they had with me. If I busted them on an animal cruelty violation they don't like me much. If I sold them a Horse or bought a horse from them or trained their horse, they think I'm a pretty nifty horse trainer. If I placed them I'm a great recruiter, if I didn't I may be a nice person but not much of a recruiter. If told them they didn't fit a job they thought they fit, I'm probably a dumb bitch. If they are a client, I sent them good candidates, didn't bore them to death or try to shove a candidate down their throat, I'm a good recruiter. They call me back. If I don't produce good candidates three times in a row it doesn't make a damn what my name is or how long I have been in business, next time they call some other recruiter.

If I want a video, blockbusters is still open and it's closer than others I'll drop by. Do I care what anybody else has to say about borders or ms. Swift. Not much. It's my opinion that people find something they like, places they like to go or do business with and it doesn't make much difference what somebody else has to say about it. Fortunately or unfortunately 99% of the recruiters in the world are not and never will be known outside of the small circle of people they work with. The term "brand Name" normally refers to a nationally know entity in an industry. Most of us are not so referring to ourselves as a "brand" sounds both silly and narcissistic to me.

All that being said consider that most of us can't remember who was on animal's show last year by name even if we thought they were a total duck or a super star. We remember them as the guy or gal who said x or y. My take none of us are that important so getting all twisted up about ruining your so called brand in an hour on a talk show proves you didn't have one in the first place or there isn't such a thing.

Nuff said.
I'm surprised that Mr. Wall is focusing on these large, well known corporations (and Taylor Swift, I guess) and not on any of the many guests who've been on the animal show over the years. I still don't know of anyone who's reputation has been destroyed by Animal.

Well I was on the show. I prepared for it and had a great time. I participate when I can and listen often. The problem is most people who go do NOT listen to show beforehand and do NOT read what @animal gives them to prepare. They think it just a little show whatever and I am going to make money off of being on a show promoting myself. This is not the tonight show promoting a movie or cable show. You should be prepared and excited to be out there!!! YOU are a recruiter YOU should want people to talk to you. Funny how so many in the industry say they cannot find talent. WHY! This show would let some find you!! Deals have been made, splits with other recruiters etc. Just my two cents here but I garnered good friends and contacts from being on this show. Come prepared and you will do fine. Come unprepared it was your fault to begin with. Derek Zeller @derdiver

As I've read this entire discussion - I've come to one conclusion:  Paul would be a great guest for the show.

Matt Charney signed on for the last week in January. What does he do again?

Jerry I'll make room for Paul this Wed if he's interested. What does he do?

Where should we send our articles?

Dear Tiffany, you're joking with me, right? I am looking for guests on my show not articles.

Read about it here. and here and here

Or listen to my last show here

I misread an earlier post where I thought you were qualifying guests through articles. I thought my post was "deleted" but obviously it wasn't. My bad!

Recruiting Animal said:

Dear Tiffany, you're joking with me, right? I am looking for guests on my show not articles.

Read about it here. and here and here

Or listen to my last show here

I vote for Tiffany as a guest now...

Tiffy, if you think you''d be a good guest I can put you on Wed. Are you the Tiffany Branch who is a Customer Service Rep for Labor Ready? Do you have 30-60 minutes of converation about recruiting in you? Did you read the links I provided? If so, let's go.



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