I must have missed the memo - but can we just say ANYTHING we want nowadays?

Some things just bug me. Period. Every once in a while I'll have a thought that I can't seem to get past until I complain about it. Do you mind?

I just got an email ad from Bullhorn. I'm sure they're a great company and I hear good things about their stuff in fact have friends that use it. But does that mean they can just say "anything" that sounds good in their ads?

Here is my complaint - the first line in their ad is "Danny Cahill – the only industry guru who runs a search firm every day......" Is this true? Are you kidding me? I am sorry but I'm going to take issue with that. This is in the same category as Bountyjobs's leader in the video (which is still up by the way) saying they are makeing "Thousands of placements annually"......

No they are not. They are failing miserabley (from what I hear).

And no Danny is not the "only industry guru who runs a search firm every day" either.......

I bet I'm sounding like Andy Rooney but I am sick and tired of being lied to just because nobody is expecting the truth any more.

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To add... I'm not sure how we define guru? If I have a cool walk and speak loudly can I be a guru? It's kinda like talking with some of our dear candidates who think they are an "expert" at a given skill. If you ever really been around an expert in IT ( which I recruit ) they will be the first to tell you there is no such thing as an expert. Technology is changing to quickly we are all life long learners! I've just anointed myself a Guru Expert, sweet!
You just have to get in tune with modern society. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", "read my lips, no new taxes", "two all beef patties"..........Everyone's doing it. Why not in recruiting too??

Todd Kmiec
"Super Genius, Mega Guru, All Around Great Guy Making Thousands of Placements per Month"
Oh, what webs are woven...
Funny stuff. I'm trying to teach my butler how to make all these placement for me.

(I'm getting kinda tired of all the phone calls.....)

Phone Call Butler
I just read that e-mail today and thought: "No he's not" and just kept reading (my boss made me read it to discuss it later during a meeting.) I catch stuff like that all the time in ads anymore. The problem with Bullhorn writing or NOT editing that part is it did not consider it's audience. Sales People are the biggest bullshitters on the planet and you cannot BS a BSer. If this Danny Cahill was marketing himself to clients or unsuspectind idiot he could have pulled that off but considering he's marketing his advice to a bunch of recruiters (old and new) he probably should have been a little more self-deprecating (thank you Sandra, for accomplishing that in your own marketing of yourself!)
*unsuspecting idiots*

Pardon my grammar and spelling errors today. Before I woke up today I dreamt that I was getting ready for work and was surprised when I woke up 20 minutes late that I was not showered and dressed and it's been all down hill from there.
Let's list out the industry gurus who run search firms every day. If you are one, raise your hand. If you know one mention them here!
Hand Raised! I'm one.

Todd Kmiec
What is the minimum criteria to be considered "industry criteria"? Maureen? I may or may not qualify......
Yer askin' me? Don't! Let's ask those who might know...anyone?
I sat through a Danny Cahill training. It is just back to basic training with a hard core New York slant that would not sit well with return clients. It's hardball tactics. It was not different than some of the training I received 10 years ago with Robert Half, or other recruitment training I have received over the years. Make your marketing call, recruit by networking, and close deals. But I would agree with Jerry, and just say that is how the Cahills' of this industry make their bucks, not by closing deals but selling their tactics as training. The company I was with bought into it and sent all their recruiters to Cahills training. They still haven't gottent their perm group off the ground, 5 years later.

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