Hi everyone,

I am relatively new in the recruitment world and I wanted to know your thoughts on what I have been experiencing so far.

I have been in Oil and Gas recruitment for 5 Months now and I recruit all types of engineers, I have come to realise that the demands for different types of skills change very quickly i.e. one month there will be a high demand for mechanical engineers and then the next month the demand will shift to process engineering. Up until now I feel I have been chasing the market and it feels like as soon as I have identified where the overall need is it has already changed.

Can anyone suggest good ways in which I could predict where the near future needs may be. I think the answer may be in good candidate relationships and finding out what is going on through them however I have found that they are sometimes they can be guarded or vague with their replies.

It would be interesting to hear what you guys think.



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Hi Paul,

Welcome to recruitment.  Needs always seem to change don't they?  I think you have the right idea.  No crystal ball, but talk to the hiring managers and ask deep probing questions about the industry.  Talk to the candidates on a very high level.  Use words like "what do you think" even when you know the answer.  Sometimes you will be suprised what answers they will give you.  Read, read, and read more.  Research trends.  See what people are talking about in the marketplace.  Read blogs in the oil and gas industry.  People have opinions.  Anyway- long answer, but you are on the right track.


Thanks for the reply Will,


Very interesting that you mentioned about the hiring manager as when I have just probed the candidate for information they usually only know about their partical area of expertise.


If a new project is announced usually there is a need for all types of skills would you suggest going higher up the managerial chain to identify where the greater need may be?





Hey Paul,


It is always good to get to know the managers and get an understanding of their business.  They will give you great insight.  Depending on your role, I wouldn't reccomend jump over the heads of your hiring manager- especially if you are in staffing.  If you do it though, I would be tactful and ask for guidance. Use what you have and after talking to the HM, and ask who else they reccomend you talk with to get a further perspective. 

If you are a corporate recruiter, sure- talk to as many people as you want.  Again- don't make them feel like they are less important though.  Be non- threatening and inquisitive about the industry and you should be fine. 

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