Okay here it goes.....I have spent the last few weeks researching Staffing Software for the company I work for. We plan on implementing this change sometime in January 2010. I have seen a couple of demos, one of which I was pretty impressed with. I have even posted a Blog and a Discussion here on this site, in hopes of getting some feedback on what seems to be the most widely used or most popular, yet satisfying software out on the market today. I don't know if I'm not being clear on the info I posted in earlier blogs/discussions, but I'm kind of frustrated that I haven't gotten more feedback or the info I have gotten is links to JUST an ATS software, or JUST a CRM Software, etc.

What we are looking for is a software that will replace what we are currently using, which is Temptrax (not sure if any of you are familiar with that dinosaur software). It was actually an excellent software back in it's day, but due to the buyout of the company that supported it, it no longer has the support it needs to keep up with the times and we are now experiencing issues with the software itself, to the point that we are slowly losing the ability to do what we used to. The program itself, is an ATS, CRM, with payroll capabilities/integration with our accounting system rolled all-into-one. It's extremely user friendly and the interface is far from being complicated.

This type of software is ultimately what I am looking for. I am primarily seeking the advice of recruiters or anyone who works within a staffing environment. Not to single anyone out, but I would prefer not to get links or advice from Software Vendors or Software Consultants, I have already spoken to several and now I get hounded day in and day out with phone calls asking if I have made a decision on whether I want to purchase their software. What I have to say to those sales people is....NO I am not ready and will NOT be ready until later on this year, BUT I do want to get my research done on everything out there available, because I do have to present my research to the owners of the company.

PLEASE!!!! I am begging all of the staffing individuals out there to read my post and let me know what they would suggest and why or why not. I am not looking to bash any particular software, I just want to know that the money my bosses will be forking out for this, will be well spent.

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For the last 7 years, we have been using a software program called StaffSuite by VCG. www.vcgsoftware.com We've been in business over 50 years and in the 12 years I've worked for our company we've had 3 different software packages. NONE compare to StaffSuite. It is fully integrated so the front office "speaks" with the back office which is huge for us and something our other software systems did not provide. They also have WorldLink which is where people can apply online, view their check history, update their information, etc. This saves us a lot of time and is so convenient for our applicants. A couple years ago we also added a product they have called SuccessCheck. It's a great web-based attitude, personality and cognitive assessment tool that has greatly reduced our turnover. They also have hundreds of reports and will also customize any for you if you need one they don't already have. If you have any questions or would like further info, I'm happy to talk with you.
I can understand your frustration in searching for a perfect software on which your company can bet the future. This is exactly what we have to go through 2 years back. My company owner is a software product architect by profession. He wanted a web based software platform to run our unique recruiting process. He personally spent lot of time to evaluate products in the market. Finally decide to invest in developing our own recruiting software (WizTalent). Our recruiting teams are currently using WizTalent from past few months and we have completely moved out of our old CTS. The migration process was easy and did not cause any disturbance to our current recruiting activity. Best of all with WizTalent we have achieved a significant productivity increase and my placements have gone up by 30% this year.

You can find details about the current release of the software at WizTalent - Recruiting Software

We (recruiters) are looking forward to the next version to be release in next few days. I heard it has many improvements and new features, which will help me spend more time on phone and head-hunting.

If you are interested, let me know. I will put you intouch with the technical sales team at WizioTec and they will schedule a product demo for you.

Hyper link for 'WizioTalent - Recruiting Software' is http://www.wiziotec.com/wiziotec_software_service.htm

I normally don't post ads for my company on a blog forum, I beleive it to be bad business, and it isn't really what these forums are for. The only reason I am posting this back to you is because I had no way to e-mail or contact you. My company, Broadbean Technology has just come from the UK to start operations in the U.S. We currently work with Manpower on a global level, Robert Half, Vaco, Adecco, and others in the U.K. If you would like to see what we have to offer, want to work with an honest company, and someone who cares about your success, take a look at what we have to offer. I guarantee you'll like what you see. I'd love to hear from you. Good luck with your search Carissa. Here is our website: www.broadbean.com/adcourier.html

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. Have a great weekend!

Jonathan Pierce

e-mail: JonP@Broadbean.com
CVPlus Visual Recruitment Software

Hi All,
I would like to introduce you to Swiftpro's CVPlus Visual 3.0 ,
CVPlus Visual Recruitment software is the first choice of worlds leading recruitment agencies.

CVPlus Visual is designed to enhance your recruitment business, streamline workflow and increase profitability, CVPlus Visual is leading-edge, fully customisable recruitment software. The result of over 18 years database software development, CVPlus Visual features a unique user interface, automated CV/resume import facility, powerful search and matchcommunications centre, appointment Diary, history notes, sophisticated job tracker and full Web integration, More over it is bundled with a powerful CRM/MIS module capable to track all your sales activities.

Give it a try , Download a fully functional Demo copy, however I would like to suggest an online demonstration at your convenience. We use a product called gotoMeeting.com for this, where you can see our screen and we can dialogue on the phone.

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I have worked in two different firms as well as within industry and to be honest, the best ATS I have ever used is one that we created for ourselves. We sent out RFPs for computer support and carried out weekly task meetings that allowed us to make tweaks to suit our needs. It was an ongoing process but since that time I have used CURA, Brassring, SAP HR and E-Recruitment, and none of these have come near to this.

Having sat on some implementation teams, I can tell you that the biggest challenges I/We came across was the cost of altering the software to creating changes that met with our needs.

We use CVPlus Visual and can tell you that its total cost for a start-up are amazing. Functionality is very good. I love the match mostly, you can match completely automatic with only one button, isn't that a relief .Besides it has automated CV/resume import facility, powerful search and matchcommunications centre, appointment Diary, history notes, sophisticated job tracker, full Web integration, powerful CRM/MIS module capable to track all your sales activities.well we are quite satisfied with this product. Give it a try, I am sure you will also like it . For further details you can visit their site which is www.swiftpro.com

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