Recruiters, come on........!
I was visiting a few websites and reading papers. Initially it looked like we have come to a closed street with no U-turn. There are hardly a few new jobs, and hundreds of candidates available. Then where would the recruiters stand in such a condition? Recruiters' priorities have been switched to search the clients and jobs openings, instead of discovering new candidates which is not good, not good in any way! Then where should I stand with??? With the ones who are raising their voices of switching the professions and searching out what else the recruiters did instead of recruiting during the previous recession periods, or with the ones who are affirm that their hard work and sincerity with this profession would save them some how? Is it really a War of SURVIVAL?

NO! There must be other ways of doing good in this period. I went through a CNN article of The Healthiest Area of Economy '09. So I got my answer!

Recruiting is here, recruiters are here! This is just a game of restructuring our plans. There is a lot, and will always be a lot for the recruiters of 'basic needs'. Healthcare is the key area. Hiring and firing of nurses will never stop, neither for the physicians, specialist doctors and medical technicians etc. Healthcare recruiters can enlighten more about it and are welcomed to share a few words about it.

So, let's refocus on our priorities and do recruiting more proactively. Once way is to become "Recruiters of Basic Needs.

I would like to get a few words from Healthcare recruiters.

Simon Jones

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Simon - I have been recruiting in healthcare for over fifteen years. Over the years the industry has been considered solid due to the fact that everyone at some point will need to visit a healthcare professional. And while hospitals need nurses and other healthcare professionals I wouldn't call the industry a panacea.

Some hospitals are putting projects on hold due to lack of credit in the market; this doesn't mean they will stop hiring only that they will only fill slots that are critical; they are in the business to make money as well as serve people.

I say if one wants to change to recruit in the healthcare industry then learn about the different types of positions with the profession and HOW to recruit these individuals. Make your calls count, healthcare professionals are getting calls several times a day with opportunities presented to them if your call doesn't stand out they won't call you back.

I always say there is enough business for us all to make money; let's serve our clients with THEIR best interest in mind NOT our bank account.
Vicki Z. Lauter
I am also a healthcare recruiter who has been recruiting in the healthcare industry for close to 8 years. It is my source of income but I also really enjoy the industry and even with the many changes it is experiencing I continue to enjoy what I do.

Without a lengthy explanation healthcare is not an industry I would attempt breaking into at this time to avoid the hits that other industries are experiencing. Healthcare is also being hit by budget cuts, reduced staffs, hiring freezes, reduced fees, etc. It has not been affected this drastically for some time and it is a change in the process as a whole that will take time for the industry to adjust.

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